Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is one of the most scenic and divine place on earth, someone said that “if there is a heaven on earth it’s here (Kashmir)”. After partition and few wars Kashmir is divided in two parts one part is under India and another under Pakistan (POK). Just look at these beautiful valleys, lakes, resorts and feel the natural beauty. Unfortunately, many places shown in these pictures are banned for tourists.

So, what’s your take on these beautiful pictures of Kashmir in POK. Please leave us a comment and share your views with us.

  • SA WritingServices

    So beautiful! On the one hand, it’s a shame that we can’t visit, yet the area may remained unspoiled because of having much fewer visitors than if it was opened up to tourists.

    Thanks for sharing these little glimpses of ‘Heaven’.

  • great
    i like the blue sky

  • dk_Ind

    it is shame that it is under Pakistan….and this area will be occupied by Terrorists!