The heart of Penang diversity serves the link between Asia’s great kingdom and as an important outlet to the market of Europe and the middle East.  Pahang is found in the North West Malaysia. It is one of the most thrilling places in the world where you will find exceptional art scene, free spirited carnival, infectious local enthusiasm where you can’t help but be lost in all this enthusiasm. If you think Things to do in Penang is quite limited than you are absolutely wrong. Here are some of the places where you can visit and have fun.


When you combine ancient culture, colonial architecture and the touch of 21st century and garnish it with some best food you get George Town.

  • Street food – Ask anyone their favourites hawker stall and they will all point out to char koay kak and aversion of Hakkien meet (mixed noodle in a piquant prawn broth). This food is the speciality of this place it so famous that if you come in weekend you may have to get in queue and have to wait for a long time.
  • BLUE MANSION – 1880’s built this mansion of 38 – rooms, 220 – windows has gained more fame than a human. Guide tour may explain you the building Feng Stui unique features and of course related stories of Cheong Fatt Tze. 
  • KHOO KONGSI – This astounding clan house is one of the most impressive George Town. Both interior and exterior of this mansion is amazingly beautiful. On the last Sunday evening of each month the structure is illuminated and is entrance free.
  • PIRANG PERANAKAN MANSION – This mint green magnificent mansion is a restored residence in George Town. Self guided tour is possible here.


It’s Malaysia smallest national park but you can find almost every activity here be it fishing, sunbathing, jungle walk. Private guides and boat operators are near the entrance of land parking lot. This are some important sites where you must visit: –

  • SUNGAI TU KAM – You may find pool here for swimming
  • TANJUNG ALONG – A nice beach resting point.
  • TELUK DURING – It is also known as monkey beach
  • MUKE HEAD – The isolated Rocky promontory.
  • TELAK KAMPI – It is the longest beach in the park.


Here you will find one of the two virgin rain forest reserve a fantastic addition to the Penang hills experience in finely crafted 1.6 km natural trial. If you can walk further down the path you will find suspended walkways, viewing platform and pocket garden featuring different species of tropical plants.


A beautiful landscape oasis of tropical flora there are 500 and more species of tropical plant in total. Along with a guide you may learn a usefulness and its nature relating this tropical plant like local species, medicinal and poisonous plant.

CONCLUSION This is not the end of the tour there are many more places in Penang that you must visit. Also make sure you have prepared for every thing and have packed traveling accessories, makeup essentials, map guide and a multi -tool that can come handy.