As the weather warms up, the air may be filled with the aroma of mesquite wood and barbeque, while the jingle from the ice cream man’s truck is answered by all the kids on the block now free from the confines of school for a few precious months.

As such, blue jeans and sweaters are packed away to make room for a more appropriate wardrobe for summer. And while summertime means summer fun, the activities in which you partake while dealing with the heat require specific apparel.

So, depending on whether you plan to fish, glam or splash about, here are the essential summer clothes that will ensure you remain comfortable, stylish and ready for your summer plans.

Go Fish

Fishing is a time-honored activity that for many an 8-year-old boy or girl transforms from fun summer activity into cherished childhood memory as they grow older. Whether by sea, pond, lake or river, the summer sun, the experience of learning to bait and the thrill of a first catch make fishing a summer staple.

It’s also one of few activities that can be done with family and friends as a social outing or solo for quiet relaxation and reflection. Regardless of how and why you go, there is one mandatory accessory required when fishing: a hat.

There are three acceptable options. Baseball caps are quite popular, and the bill of the cap does a good job of keeping the sun off your face; however, they are known to take flight right off your head. An up-downer baseball cap is a step up since it has a chin strap, an extended front bill and an optional roll-down cape in the back.

Still, a good fisherman will opt for a wide-brimmed, caped hat every time, because it has all the design traits of the up-downer but is also vented. Plus, these hats float.

Summer Glamping

Though many folks consider themselves camping purists and prefer to rough it, it’s hard to deny the appeal of glamping. With that in mind, bring the modern conveniences with you into the great outdoors to get the best of both worlds. You can still sleep under the stars — you just don’t have to do so on the hard, dirty ground.

All the traditional perks of camping are still there — hiking, barbecues, bonfires, bike rides and toasted marshmallows — plus you also get indoor plumbing.

Glamping also means having the right attire, and athletic wear is one of the best ways to go when you want functionality, style and comfort. Quality travel and casual shorts are best when it’s hot, but you’ll be tromping through woods and forests. Also, look for apparel that has been tested tough so you can enjoy the outdoors longer.

Water Parks

For those not fortunate to live near a natural body of water, water parks become a suitable replacement. Sure, under the water there’s concrete instead of moss and mud, but water parks are amusement parks designed to accommodate guests during the scorching summer months.

In addition to swimming holes, there are splash pads for the kids, crazy water slides for the brave and lazy rivers for those just wanting to relax in the refreshing water. When venturing out for a day at the water park, above all else, you want to have a solid pair of water sandals.

Now, you don’t want to wear your nice pair of leather sandals to a truly wet place — the water will mangle them — but you also don’t want to settle for a crappy pair of flip flops you bought for $2. Water sandals offer super traction that neither your nice sandals nor cheap sandals will give you. Plus, they’re engineered to be safely worn on slick, wet surfaces.

So, in a slippery environment, water sandals will keep you upright, and they’ll prevent you from touching the ground the skin of your bare feet – come on, we all know what little kids do in the wave pool.

Make a Splash with Your Summer Duds

Overall, summer is a magical season when we all get a chance to relax and play. Whether your fun involves baiting hooks and casting lines, glamorously living outdoors, or splashing through man-made ponds, show off your appropriate and fashionable summer wardrobe while you do it.