Looking to learn diving and finding perfect spot then this article will help you in choosing amongst top 10 destination to learn diving. Diving is fascinating and looks pretty easy on TV but in real world its not easy. Many accidents happened in the past simply because the new divers were not either equipped properly or aware of the immanent dangers lies in the deep waters. So, if you are about to hone your diving skills and looking for a perfect scuba diving destination then read on.

1. Little Cayman, Cayman Islands (Caribbean Sea): Arguable the best diving sites which holds lots of shallow and deep waters for new divers. Cayman Islands holds more than 50 destinations which help in learning diving with a unique view of sea plumes, tropical fishes and coral gardens.

2. Boracay, Manila: Manila’s Boracay tropical islands hosts two major diving destination for new divers. If you are looking for clear water to see trigger fish, coral shrimp fish or grouper then you should visit Friday’s rock. Second destination Camia wreck is an artificial reef offering clear water, fishes and other underwater animals.

3. Roatán, Honduras: One of the largest barrier reef in Caribbean islands, Roatan is one of the best scuba diving destination in the world. You can see wide sea life and enjoy clear water. Best thing about Roatan is that it never get affected by bad weather which makes it perfect diving destination for newcomers.

4. Koh Tao, Thailand: New divers mecca, Koh Tao which is also called as turtle island is the best diving spot in the world which gives 7000 certifications in a year. Koh Tao is fun and have best diving facilities for the beginners. Apart from it’s clear water you can see whale sharks, turtles, coral, marine life and lots of fishes.

5. Cozumel Marine Park, Yucatan Peninsula: Jacques Cousteau who located Cozumel said its the best diving destination in the world. Cozumel offers tropical fishes, coral reefs, marine life, Toadfish and different colorful species of fishes. Cozumel later became National Marine Park to protect it’s amazing marine life.

6. Taveuni, Fiji: Taveuni or Garden Island offers splendid water life and rainbow reef, blue ribben Eel, white tip reef, leopard sharks and barracudas. Water is so clear which make it nice spot for the beginners.

7. Bonaire, Caribbean: Bonaire is a Dutch island which is surrounded by reefs for miles in any given direction. Bonaire is almost exclusively dedicated to scuba divers and snorkeling due to its lack of sandy beaches. Most dive sites around the island are easily accessible. In fact, Bonaire is the top destination in the world for shore diving, with each of its more than 80 dive sites being right offshore.

8. Andros, Bahamas: Being the third largest barrier reef in the world, Andros offers cool underwater diving destinations with excellent view of underwater life.

9. Mahe, Seychelles: This island in Indian Ocean has an impressive amount of subaquatic scenery to offer the beginning diver. Home to several marine parks, Mahe boasts the opportunity to dive with hawksbill turtles, bottlenose dolphins, Whale sharks, lobsters, and Moray eels. The Ste Anne Marine National Park, located 5 km from the capital Victoria, is one of the prime tourist locations in the Indian Ocean for scuba-diving and contains several sites that are well suited for the novice diver.

10. Rangiroa, Tuamotus: Rangiroa is one of the largest atoll in the world. This atoll has much to offer for the new diver but none more important than the presence of a shallow reef where a beginner may begin their adventure. The shallow reef is home to clown fish, anemones, and trigger fish. Note that most of the beaches in Rangiroa are made up of very chunky coral.

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