The backpackers and travelers love Amsterdam for its artistic heritage and amazing culture. If you are planning your trip to Amsterdam, plan well before heading there. You will find a lot of places and hotels, but here is the top 10 list if you seek one of the best one to have a comfortable and amazing journey at Amsterdam. Staying near City center will help you to travel to different places every day without taking much long.

Starry Night Apartment

This is the stunning apartment, rated very high by the customers. It is quite in spite of being at the city center. The spacious and well-equipped apartments with generous hosts will make your stay at wonderful at Amsterdam.

Canal House De Schans

Perfect house at the perfect location is what they say. The fantastic apartment’s’ owners stay upstairs of the apartment and will be available for live help. The two good size bedrooms and one of the bedrooms open onto a great canal side garden. It will make you feel close to nature and beautifully decorated. Do for this, if you seek comfort and luxury.

Dutch Masters Short Stay Apartments

There are beautiful apartments at Dutch masters, which are conveniently located in the city center. The luxurious apartments here offer great services. Here, each apartment is decorated by Dutch artists and artwork of masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. Also, it’s a great area for shopping and hogging.

Canal Boutique Rooms & Apartments

The modern décor combined with light colors, wooden beams, rich fabric make it look captivating. These apartments are nicely equipped with all necessary items like fridge, TV, sofa, dining area, Wi-Fi, etc. Because of excellent staff and friendly neighborhood, this is the best choice to stay over.

Royal Boutique Apartment Amsterdam

As the name suggests, it is the royal apartment with its regal furniture and luxury. It is also best for couples and is a UNESCO World Heritage monument because of the modern artwork and high ceiling. Spacious, beautiful, luxurious apartment is the chosen one from customers.

Keizersgracht Residence

The exceptionally beautiful and luxurious apartment is nearby to many landmarks in the city. It is located in quite a canal with all the facilities. This place is very comfortable with all the needful services. Also, the friendly owners happily help you out. This is one perfect place to stay if you are seeking good food around.

Amsterdam Centre Romantic Penthouse

This is another highly rated apartment, mainly because of its beauty and cleanliness. This is the absolutely right place to stay with many coffeehouses, ATMs, bars around.

ME Apartment

Situated in the historic Jordaan neighborhood, this is a great place to reside. The spacious designs and amazing locality are the main reason to go for this apartment.

Museum City Centre Apartment

The balcony overlooking canal is the best asset of this apartment. Well equipped kitchen, best-designed furniture, and great places nearby make it a choice to consider.

Boutique Residences

The stylish, self-catering and spacious apartment is very comfortable to stay. It has all the facilities and great staff. It’s a great place to reside with your family.

All of these are the best apartments to stay in the City Center of Amsterdam. Also, Escape Vacation Apartments are simply the best to have the best experience. Pick up the best one, which suits your requirement.