Top 30 Most Popular Bridges in the World: With the advent in technology, tools and other scientific knowledge mankind has done something which was earlier considered as impossible. They have crossed the barrier and built various bridges by overcoming several obstacles. Amongst those, we have picked 30 most famous & best bridges which are strong, beautiful and serve to millions of travelers every day.

Most Famous Bridges Around the World

Following is a list of top 30 most popular bridges in the world which are impressive enough that they are mentioned in too many lists talking about famous and best bridges. These famous bridges are not listed by order.

1. Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia is a famous bridges

Sydney Harbor Bridge considered to be the world’s 5th longest spanning arch bridge and world’s widest long-span bridge. It is one of those bridge which carries rail, vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

2. Millau Viaduct Bridge, France

Millau Viaduct Bridge, France-2

Millau Viaduct is located on the territory of the communes of Millau and Creissels, France. Millau Viaduct is considered to be one of the most enormous cable stayed bridge for road traffic.

3. Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto), Italy

Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto), Italy

Built on one of the most romantic grand canal, Venice, Italy. Rialto bridge is very popular amongst tourists who can stand up and look at narrow lanes of grand canal which is built entirely with stones. Many people in Italy call it as stone bridge.

4. Golden Gate Bridge, USA


One of the most famous bridge is Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco, USA. Being a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, it connects the city of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. Golden Gate bridge was also ranked as fifth on the List of America’s Favorite Architecture.

5. Tower Bridge, England

London Tower Bridge, England

Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, England, over the River Thames. The bridge consists of two towers which are tied together at the upper level by means of two horizontal walkways which are designed to withstand the horizontal forces exerted by the suspended sections of the bridge on the landward sides of the towers.

6. Gateshead Millenium Bridge, England


The Gateshead Millennium Bridge (also known as “Blinking/Winking Eye Bridge”) is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between Gateshead’s Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank.

7. Westminster Bridge, England

Westminster Bridge, England

Westminster Bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge over the River Thames between Westminster, Middlesex bank, and Lambeth, Greater London, England.

8. Ponte Vecchio, Italy

Ponte Vecchio Bride, Italy

The Ponte Vecchio is a Medieval bridge over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy, noted for still having shops built along it, as was once common. It has been described as Europe’s oldest wholly-stone, closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge.

9. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

The Charles Bridge is a famous historical bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague. The bridge is 516 meters long and nearly 10 meters wide, resting on 16 arches shielded by ice guards.

10. Si-o-se Pol, Iran

Si-o-se Pol, Iran

Si-o-se Pol also known as the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge, is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan, Iran. It consists of two rows of 33 arches. There is a larger base plank at the start of the bridge where the Zayandeh River flows under it, supporting a tea house.

11. Alcántara Bridge, Spain


The Alcántara Bridge (or Puente Trajan at Alcantara) is a Roman stone arch bridge built over the Tagus River at Alcántara, Spain between 104 and 106 CE. The Alcántara Bridge has taken more damage from war than from the elements.

12. Great Belt Bridge, Denmark


The Great Belt Fixed Link (or Storebæltsforbindelsen) is the fixed link between the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen across the Great Belt. The “Great Belt Bridge” commonly refers to the suspension bridge, although it may also be used to mean the beam bridge or the link in its entirety. The suspension bridge, known as the East Bridge, has the world’s third longest main span (1.6 km).

13. Stari Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most (or “The Old Bridge”) is a 16th century bridge in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many people from Bosnia and Herzegovina attempts to dive from this bridge into Neretva.

14. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

The Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge which is also known as the Pearl Bridge, has the longest central span of any suspension bridge, at 1,991 metres (6,532 ft). The bridge has three spans. The central span is 1,991 m (6,532 ft), and the two other sections are each 960 m (3,150 ft). The bridge is 3,911 m (12,831 ft) long overall.

15. Chengyang Bridge, China

Chengyang Bridge, China

The Chengyang Bridge or Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge, is a famous bridge in Sanjiang County, China. The bridge is a perfect combination of painting, bridge, corridor, veranda and Chinese pavilion. It has two platforms (at the two ends of the bridge), 3 piers, and 4 spans, 5 pavilions, 19 verandas, and three floors.

16. Kintai Bridge, Japan

Kintai Bridge, Japan

The Kintai Bridge (also declared as National Treasure) is a historical wooden arch bridge, in the city of Iwakuni, Japan. The bridge is composed by five sequential wooden arch bridges on four stone built piers as well as two of wooden piers on the dry riverbed where the bridge begins and ends. Each of the three middle spans is 35.1 meters long, while the two end spans are 34.8 meters for a total length of about 175 meters with a width of 5 meters.

17. Chapel Bridge, Switzerland

Chapel Bridge, Switzerland

Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge is a 204 m (670 ft) long bridge crossing the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. It is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and one of Switzerland’s main tourist attractions.

18. Erasmusbrug, Netherlands

Erasmusbrug, Netherlands

The Erasmusbrug (“Erasmus Bridge”) is a cable stayed bridge across the Nieuwe Maas river, linking the northern and southern halves of the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The 802 meter long bridge has a 139 meter-high asymmetrical pylon, earning the bridge its nickname of “The Swan”.

19. Fehmarn Belt Bridge, Denmark/Germany

Fehmarn Belt Bridge, Denmark and Germany

The Fehmarn Belt bridge is a project to connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland with a bridge crossing the 18-kilometre (11 mi) wide Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea, thus providing a direct link by motorway and rail between Hamburg, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

20. Oresund Bridge, Denmark and Sweden

Oresund Bridge, Denmark and Sweden

The Øresund or Öresund Bridge is a combined two-track rail and four-lane road bridge-tunnel across the Öresund strait. It is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and connects the two metropolitan areas of the Öresund Region(Copenhagen) and the Swedish city of Malmö.

21. Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong, China

Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong, China

The Tsing Ma Bridge is a bridge in Hong Kong. It is the world’s sixth-longest span suspension bridge, and was the second longest at time of completion. The bridge has a main span of 1,377 metres (4,518 ft) and a height of 206 metres (676 ft). The span is the largest of all bridges in the world carrying rail traffic. Tsing Ma Bridge carries more rail traffic than any other bridge on earth.

22. Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus Bridge, also called the First Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul, Turkey, spanning the Bosphorus strait and thus connecting Europe and Asia. The aerodynamic deck is hanging on zigzag steel cables. The Bosphorus Bridge had the 4th longest suspension bridge span in the world.

23. San Diego – Coronado Bridge, San Diego, USA

San Diego - Coronado Bridge, San Diego, US

San Diego & Coronado Bridge is an award winning bridge which quickly became an area landmark. With a vertical clearance of approximately 200 feet, even the tallest ships can pass beneath it.

24. Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest ocean-crossing bridge in the world which is 35.673 km (22 mi) in length.

25. Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Brooklyn Bridge, USA

A historical landmark and a treasure Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. At the time it opened, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world fifty percent longer than any previously built bridges.

26. Nanpu Bridge, China

Nanpu Bridge, China

Nanpu bridge is known for its excellence when it comes to total amount of land required (built to minimize land required). The spiral bridge approach in puxi is considered to be a wonder in world bridge construction.

27. Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany

Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany

Magdeburg Water Bridge is exactly what its name suggests; a bridge made over water. It was built to connect the Elbe-Havel Canal and the Mittellandkanal, allowing cargo to travel between Berlin and the ports along the River Rhine without a tedious 7.5 mile detour.

28. Banpo Bridge, South Korea

Banpo Bridge, South Korea

The Fountain Bridge (Banpo Bridge) has a 10,000-nozzle fountain that runs all the way along both its sides. Very quickly it has become a major tourist attraction, as the bridge pumps out 190 tons of water per minute using the water from the river below.

29. Henderson Waves, Singapore

Henderson Waves, Singapore

Henderson Waves is one of the most Beautiful Pedestrian Bridge in the world. At a height of 36 metres or 12 storeys from the road, the Henderson Waves it’s the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

30. Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

The Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in São Paulo, Brazil. it is the world’s First X-shaped Cable Stayed Bridge with two crossed lanes.

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