Weddings are a spectacular time for two people to celebrate the love they have for one another in front of family and friends. Weddings range from a very elaborate venue and d├ęcor to a very simple outdoor wedding. Regardless of the venue choice, all weddings have one thing in common, and that is the food served to guest. Below is a closer look at five different choices a couple has when deciding on the type of food to serve at their wedding reception.

Buffet Line

A buffet is a great way to serve guests a variety of food options provided by caterers at Caterers have a large menu for the host to choose from as well as the ability to accommodate clients with food options that do not appear on a menu. Buffet lines allow guests to pick different food items to eat as well as being able to return to the buffet line as often as they want to for more food throughout the evening.

Live Stations

When choosing a buffet line, people now have the choice to include live stations. This option has the chef preparing and cooking various dishes to the specifications of each guest. The protein is cooked fresh, and each guest picks the ingredients they would like incorporated into the dish.

Plated Dinner Option

Formal and elaborate weddings will most likely offer their guests a plated dinner option that is served to them by the wait staff during the dinner portion. The couple will have a tasting menu with their venue so they may sample different courses, salads, and appetizers to decide on the food for their wedding reception. The couple will choose the food options for their guests, and the wait staff will serve each course as well as remove empty dishes and dirty silverware to make room for the other courses.

Family Style

Another great option to serve guests with affordable food is family-style dining. This means each table is given food on platters and in serving bowls. The guests help themselves but do not have to leave their table to get the food. The wait staff will come around and give each table the food and make sure everyone has enough to pass around. Of course, the staff will replenish the supply as often as needed. The servers will still clear plates away throughout dinner to ensure guests have a great dining experience.

Cocktail Catering

Many couples decide to eliminate a formal dinner and may opt to serve appetizers throughout the night. Here, the food options are mostly heavy appetizers that are eaten while standing up and mingling with others. The food is usually consumed within a bite or two. These appetizers can include meat, to make them satisfying, or they can be on the lighter side for guests to enjoy. The couple can work with the caterer to make sure everyone enjoys the food and is not hungry throughout the night, especially if alcohol is served.

Planning the food for a wedding does not have to be a difficult task because a caterer can assist every step of the way. Consult with them regarding the food choices, budget, service, and more. The caterer and their staff will work hard to ensure the evening goes well regarding the food, service, and having friendly wait staff to assist guests.