When it comes to weddings, this is something that Vegas is not new to. Did you know that Las Vegas has been deemed as the  “Marriage Capital of the World” due to the numerous ceremonies that have been performed in the fabulous city of sin? Well, it’s true!

According to Nevada’s marriage records, Las Vegas holds around 10,000 weddings per month! If you want to break that down even further, that’s a little over 300 weddings per day, so it’s pretty safe to say, Las Vegas knows what they’re doing when it comes to weddings.

What’s the Big Deal About Vegas Weddings?

With Vegas hosting so many weddings, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is about Vegas that brings people in by the flocks to get married. Well, let take a quick look at a couple of reasons.

It’s Affordable

On average, a typical wedding can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000… in Vegas, you can spend anywhere from $500 to $700. Not too bad of a price for an event that legally bounds you to the love of your life!

Perfect Place to Have All Your Wedding Festivities

Vegas is the ultimate location where you can celebrate all facets of your wedding. Not only can you get married there with complete ease and at an affordable price but you can also have your bachelor/bachelorette party there as well as your honeymoon there too!

Let’s Get to Planning!

What better way to spend the rest of your life with someone than to get married in Vegas! All the traditional ways of getting married you thought you had to incorporate can be laid to rest. If you want to make unforgettable wedding memories, let Las Vegas be the destination of your ever-lasting nuptials.

Reserve a Block of Hotel Rooms As Soon As Possible

Just like any other tourist destination, you can be assured that the hotels are going to fill up quickly so when it comes to providing accommodations for your guests, you want to make sure you block off enough rooms before they become unavailable. A good rule of thumb to have is that as soon as you set the date, go on and reserve a block of rooms and encourage your guests to book their rooms sooner than later.

Choose the Perfect Venue for You

Because Vegas is the “wedding capital of the world” you know it has a plethora of wedding venues to choose from. You can opt for the classic wedding experience in venue types such as grand hotel ballrooms and beautiful country clubs or you can get hitched in a signature wedding chapel that embodies the Vegas charm.

The great thing about these venues is that they offer packages that include flowers, an officiant, photography, and much more! Whether you’re a couple that wants a well-planned out wedding or if you’re eloping, Vegas has the perfect wedding venue for you… you just just have to get there to see it!

Have Fun With the Bridal Party Fashion

Being that you’re getting married in Vegas, the attire of the bridal party will definitely need to be a little more suitable for the weather. The weather in Las Vegas can get well into 100-degree weather. So the traditional long bridesmaid dresses aren’t necessary here. Dresses that show a little skin for the bridesmaids and a cute crop top gown for the bride would be a cute and fun look for the wedding!

Turn Your Reception Into a VIP After Party

After the “I do’s,” it’s time to experience the nightlife of Vegas! There are limitless ways to celebrate your nuptials in Vegas but when celebrating a wedding, you want to make sure your guests get the absolute VIP experience.

Whether it be bottle service or private tables, Vegas is the place! Your wedding guests won’t have to wait in those long lines, they can listen to music from the hottest DJ’s, and they might even get a glimpse of A’List celebrities that often times drop by for a good time! Giving your guests the Vegas VIP experience will certainly leave an impression on them that they will never forget!