A destination wedding is one that’s held in a typical vacation locale. These are trendy and popular among newlyweds for a variety of reasons, including an opportunity to escape the normal routine, begin your honeymoon early, or even save money if it’s done right.

Destination weddings come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are grand with long guest lists. Others are humble ceremonies with just close friends and families. No matter what kind of ceremony you’re looking to have, you can make it work in a destination location.

However, is a destination wedding right for you? There are many pros and cons that come into play and should be considered before a decision is made. Here, we’re laying out the biggest points for you to make your decision a bit easier.

Destination Wedding Pros:

All-Inclusive Package

Resorts, wedding venues, and tourist organizations see the value in destination weddings and often create simple, all-inclusive wedding packages that can make the whole shebang much easier. A package may include an on-site wedding organizer, an officiant, a cake, and lodging accommodations.

You can also find packages for destination weddings through wedding vendors. For example, you can choose a wedding photographer, like Dina Deykun, who will meet you at your choice of wedding destination and provide shots for everything, including the rehearsal, day-of preparations, ceremony, and reception.

Smaller Guest List

It’s typical for destination weddings to have a smaller final guest list. This is because traveling for some guests won’t be an option, but the people who really want to be there will be there. Through this, you get a more refined group of people,which cuts down the cost of reception and other small wedding things like welcome bags or thank you gifts.

This is also a great reason to keep your guest list small — you only need to invite a more intimate group of people rather than feeling like you must invite everyone you know out of fear they will be upset if not invited.

Dream Location

With a destination wedding, you can say “I Do” at the spot of your dreams, anywhere in the world! Instead of spending your wedding celebrations in your local area, you get to make a beautiful vacation out of the whole thing and exchange vows at the location you love the most.

Destination Wedding Cons:

Planning Long-Distance

Planning such an important event long-distance can be a bit of a hassle, as there’s often red tape you must cut through, especially if your destination is in a foreign country. Things like getting a marriage license or finding the right officiant might prove more difficult, but you can find ways around these things with proper planning and the right resources.

Missing Attendees

Since destination weddings are a big expense for attendees, you may run into the fact that people you love and care about can’t make it. Whether due to work obligations, financial strain, or mobility, you might miss out on some familiar faces at the ceremony.

If you’re able to afford it, you may be able to help certain loved ones make the trip. You can often find deals through travel agents or wedding packages, so consider that before you come to terms with the idea that they won’t be there.

A Family Affair

Another thing about bringing your entire group of friends and family to a destination wedding is that it’s a bit like sharing your honeymoon with all of them. Whereas in a typical local wedding, you and your new spouse might jet off the next day to your honeymoon spot, in a destination wedding, it’s common for guests to want to hang around in order to make the most of the trip. Because of this, you might find yourself struggling to enjoy alone time with your new spouse.

Weigh It Out

In order to determine if this wedding option is right for you, weigh out the value of each pro and con. Some things may not matter to you as much as others, and you’ll be able to determine where your real wedding values lie. If all works out in favor of a destination wedding, bon voyage!