Being a bridesmaid, or maid of honor, can sometimes be a big job especially if the bride requires help in planning her big day. Often it is the bridesmaids who will organize the hen party as well as lending a hand to smaller tasks like making wedding favors.

With that in mind, buying a thank you gift for your bridesmaids is a popular way of showing how much you appreciate their help and input. Whether it’s a thank you for just being there on the day, or being involved in the organization, show your bridesmaids how much you love them.

Finding the perfect bridesmaid gift can be tricky. As the bride, you will naturally want to present your bridesmaids with something personal and thoughtful, but probably something that doesn’t break the bank! So, consider your budget as well as the personal tastes of your bridesmaids before you start shopping. To get you started, here are just a few gift ideas for some inspiration.

Personalized jewellery

It’s probably one of the most popular bridesmaid gifts, as every female will no doubt wear some form of jewellery. Depending on when you want to give your presents, personalized jewellery could be worn on the big day and then cherished as a keepsake afterwards.

If this is the case, stick to simple designs that won’t go out of style. The grown-up version of friendship bracelets, bridesmaid jewellery can include anything from a pair of stud earrings to a dainty bracelet. Remember to choose carefully between gold or silver, especially if it is to be worn with their bridesmaid dress!

Customized gift boxes

If you can’t decide on one special gift, why not create a box of goodies for your bridesmaids to enjoy? You can tailor each box to each individual bridesmaid depending on their taste. Include things like candles, chocolate or picture frames; little trinkets like these will be appreciated and demonstrate that some thought has gone into it.

A gift box of this type can be given before the wedding and include beauty products and perfume for the big day, or given afterwards with relaxing bath products to help your bridesmaids unwind after the busy celebrations!

Luxury underwear

It may not be a conventional gift to give to your female friends, but what ladies don’t love a beautiful pair of underwear? Luxury underwear can make for the perfect bridesmaid gift, and with so many styles to choose from, you can make sure you get the color and design just right.

Receiving underwear as a gift will be a lovely surprise; it’s something that is much nicer to be given than to buy yourself!

Alcohol hampers

In the spirit of celebrating, why not choose your bridesmaids’ favorite tipples and invest in a gift hamper focused around it? Gin and tonic kits or champagne bottles with a personalized label are great ideas to make sure your bridesmaids sit back and enjoy a drink after being there for you on your wedding day.