Our appearances are first judged by the look of our faces. Something you might not know is that your hair brings out the attractiveness of your face!

Since faces are permanent, you can do something about the hair to improve your appearance. Below is a list of common face shapes and the different hairstyles you can wear to mask the facial features you may not like. This will make you fashionable and give you confidence to walk with your head high.

Round Face

If your chin is nearer to fore head than most people, you need to minimize the appearance of your round face by wearing your hair straight and long. This will make your face look longer and firmer. If you prefer short hair, make sure to it falls loosely on your cheeks.

Hair styles that elongate the fore head will come in handy. Make sure to comb your hair backwards from the fore head in order to get that innocent and balanced face. Avoid styles that will draw attention to your cheek area.

Oval Face

Of all shapes of faces, oval face is the best. It seems to do well with almost all hairstyles. To add glamour to any style you choose, consider wearing long and wavy hair. Whichever style you choose, do not overdo it, and make sure you balance your hair in either side of the face.

Elongated Face

This is a long oval face. The distance between the fore head and the chin appears extra large. You should avoid all hairstyles that draw attention to the chin or the crown. What you need is a style that adds roundness to your face. The standard style you can try is the ‘beachy’ waves especially if you are a long hair fan. You can experiment with different styles as long as the area of focus is deviated from the crown to the cheeks.

For those who like medium hair, shoulder length bushy hair will look great. Always ensure your hair is longer than your chin area no matter how much you love short hair. Celebrities like Sara Jessica have elongated faces and they look so wonderful thanks to her saloons.

Square Face

In this face, the length seems equal to width in distance. It is very common in people of Asian origin. They are characterized by a prominent jaw line. If this is your face, wear hair styles that remove the attention from jawline. You can easily do this by ensuring that your hair is combed inwards near the jaw line.

This simple technique will make you appear less angular. To compliment this, make sure your hair is always parted at the center of your forehead. Kapoor Khan has square faces and, you must agree, they are really beautiful.

Rectangular Face

In people with this type of face, the length of their face seems longer for the width. The chin and the fore head remain proportional. Their protruding jaw lines are made less striking by their short face width. If such is your face, avoid long hair as it will bring out the length of the face.

You can also remove the attention to the length from your face by wearing blowout curls. You may also add layers beyond the cheek bones. With these, you will be stunning like Meryl Streep.

Diamond Shaped Face

The fore head and the chin are proportional but appear pointed. This is in contrast to the cheek area which is prominent and a bit protruding. The face thus looks wider at the center. Curls are a must for you for they mask the sharpness of the chin and reduce the effects of high cheek bones. Emulate this and your face will be as lovely as Jennifer Lopez.

There isn’t really much you can do about the shape of your face but you can reduce the appearance of prominent features you feel uncomfortable with. With a charming hairstyle to complement your face shape, you can Shift attention from these features and at the same time draw attention to areas which make you outstanding.