Blow Dry Or Air Dry

In today’s life people are performing so many exercises to keep their each and every part of the body healthy. You can see people performing exercises to eliminate hair falls, exercise to reduce weight etc to have good healthy life for a longer period of time. Here in this article you can find information about pros and cons of blow dry or air dry.

There has always been a debate whether you should blow dry your hair or let it air dry naturally in the air. Talking of hair care both the techniques has their pros and cons. Blow dry is an effective way to achieve quick and desired results but in turn dry up your hair leaving them dull and frizzy.

In today’s fast paced world and busy lifestyles where more women have started working it is becoming more and more difficult to use natural ways of hair care and beauty regime. When the clock is ticking fast and you are already getting late for your work or some important meeting, you cannot wait to let your hair dry naturally. Here comes the importance of blow drying. If you are a style person you cannot leave your hair to dry on its own but you will have to make use of blow drying techniques. You can get curls or straighten your hair just by blow drying your hair as desired. Moreover you cannot go out to work or any other place with water dripping from your hair; you need to dry them up to look beautiful.

The main disadvantage of blow drying lies in that the heat of the air dries up your hair making your hair damaged on the other hand air dry is a natural process and does no harm to your hair. However if you follow a proper hair care tips, blow drying can be less harmful for your hair.

Selection of your blow dryer is very important. Select the dryer which has different levels so that you can control the heat on your hair. First Wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo. Dry your hair using towel of the excess water. Part up your hair; use the dryer from a minimum of six inches distance, use wide toothed comb. Use protective hair serums and conditioners which will restore hair moisture and not let it dry. Keep in mind do not over dry your hair while blow drying keep them little damp, this will prevent your hair losing its moisture.

Blow drying is efficient but should be done carefully and only when necessary as it damages your hair. If at times you can manage with air dry you should always prefer air drying for better hair care regime.

So, what do you prefer? Blow dry or air dry your hair? Please leave us a comment and share your views with us.