How To Control Irreversible Hair Fall In Women - Female Hair Loss Control

Irreversible hair fall is a fear for both the sexes, men and women. If you think women worry the most about their hair, you’re probably not that accurate. If statistics are to be considered, the amount of men who use Rogaine is pretty high. Considering the physical image of a person, hair holds quite a lot of importance for everyone. Wonder why it’s always skin care and hair care? In a lot of culture, the mane and its health hold a lot of importance. You also have society stereotypes to suffer in case of both the sexes and how a woman should always have lustrous hair to depict her feminine side.

Controlling Irreversible Hair Fall In Women

If you are familiar personally with the issue of irreversible hair fall, you may know that hair fall can happen because of a lot of reasons. Hereditary reasons are quite the obvious and what most people find hard to battle.

The good aspect of technology today is that, irreversible hair fall can be substituted with stem cell hair growth or hair grafting which is called hair transplantation. This is popular to a high extent for men. With age and testosterone problems, men find that spending a little fortune to regain physical confidence is nothing. What good is technology anyway if it cannot help you? Women too use this technology but not as much as men.

Another reason you may find hair fall a problem is if you suffer from a sugar imbalance in your body. Men or women both can suffer from this and hence, should bring this to the doc’s attention. A normal person is supposed to lose 100 hair strands a day. You would have noticed that when you get up in the morning you will find the occasional few hair strands on your pillow or lose some while you comb. This is natural. Anything other than this is not.

The pancreas is responsible for the generation of insulin which also working with sugar levels. Any switch in insulin level will make you lose hair or keep it healthy. Hence, seek a doc’s advice to get the right medication.

Third and generally the reason why people suffer from irreversible hair fall problems is because of lack of nutrition in their diet. Eating healthy ensures your body and ‘your hair’ gets nutrients to survive from. Your hair like your skin can go lusterless if you ignore your intake. Your treatment of hair is also very important. Pulling, tugging or combing it in one direction or way can create a patch where you always tug on or where you create a partition. Keep your partitions varying from time to time and also eat healthy. Just like you ensure inner health, you also need to ensure external care taken.

Lastly, keep a note of any medication you are taking for any health purposes. It may so happen that as a side effect over time, you face hair thinning. Side effects cannot be told before hand and need to be noted by you if any. Stay observant.

Female hair loss is rare but these days more women are facing hair fall problem. I would love to hear your ideas on controlling irreversible hair fall. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest hair care updates.