Sudden rise in search text control hair fall is showing an interesting graph. Hair fall is not an alien word with anyone. Either you know of it or you suffer from it. Latter seems to be a case with majority of people all around the globe.

Hair Fall is not only limited to men which typically occur after certain age but also in women who are supposingly taking good care of their hair and use expensive hair product. Studies suggest that even after using expensive hair products i.e. shampoo or conditioners still people don’t get the desired result.

Are you getting angst about the problem yourself? To help you with your hair fall problem, here are top 10 ways to control hair fall especially in women..

1. Hot oil message

Just washing your hair and conditioning doesn’t do the trick. Combing your hair with the comb in different directions is one way of stimulating blood flow but using hot oil to massage the scalp stimulate the hair follicles and hair growth. You will find quite a few essential oils that are good for the texture of the hair and also add to the relaxing essence of the massage.

2. Avoid stress

This is one reason why either you go gray at a younger age or starting facing heavy hair fall. To control so, avoid added stress from any front. Give yourself a relaxing massage when combing and do not think too much. You will either end up giving yourself a headache or stressing your head.

3. Eat healthy diet

A healthy diet is a good way of avoiding hair fall. You will find that people eating healthy foods like seafood and protein often have lustrous hair and also glowing skin. Eating right is recommended by the doc as well and hence, lack of nutrition can show in the external aspects of your body like hair fall.

4. Use natural herbs

Amla powder, tea tree oil, yogurt, what are we trying to say? Homemade remedies can do wonders when it comes to the maintenance of your hair & reduce hair fall. Bacteria accumulating at the roots can weaken them and make your hair fall. Not many wash their hair properly as well. Hence, use things like tea tree oil to remove bacteria from the scalp.

5. Hydrate your body

Water is very importance as the human body is mostly water. Dry scalp, dry skin? Make sure you drink a lot of water. Do not try wetting your hair as that will just weaken the health of the hair. Hydrates the body from inside and you’ll see a difference.

6. Avoid hot water head baths

Hot water breaks the hair follicles and also strips the scalp of natural oils. Always wash your scalp with warm water and then end with cold water to close the pores. Hot water breaks down the hair and enforces hair fall affecting baldness. Not many are aware of this.

7. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals

Streaking, coloring, permanent serums, extensive exposure to chemicals or treatments like straightening or re-bonding break down hair so rapidly; you would not realize how easily you have lost so much hair in quick time. If you must, try streaking but full process coloring is doing damage knowing so to your hair.

8. Be patient with your hair

Do you comb it roughly? Not what we would recommend. There is a high chance you twist it, turn it, tug it or try severe hairstyles which harm the roots which add to hair fall. Always untangle from the ends upwards.

9. Regular trims

Split ends are often every woman’s worry. To keep your hair healthy, get trims every 6 to 9 weeks i.e. if you want the same length. In case you want to grow it longer, let it grow but give it extra maintenance care and watch for when the ends are about to get rough, trim it.

10. Hair products

Chuck those outdated products and do not lather hair spray serum on to your hair all the time. Try not to sleep with hair spray in and wash your hair properly. Too much layering of product can form a dull layer and hide the shine of your hair, sometimes can also cause hair fall. Let your hair breath.

Apart from those you can use some homemade hair fall remedies (if you know any) to help your hairs. Short hairs are less prone to hair fall so you can keep short hair for times when hair fall is at its peak.

How to Stop Hair Fall

How to Stop Hair Fall may sound easy and simple, but the same is not true even after you search millions of pages for  “Control Hair Fall”,   “Prevent Hair Fall”, “Hair Fall Control”, “Hair Fall Solutions”, “Hair Fall Prevention” or “Reasons for Hair Loss”. In case  you haven’t got any success even after trying the hair fall solutions given above, then i would advise you to consult a doctor to figure out the primary cause of hair fall.

I would love to hear your own experiences of fighting with hair fall, what all you did to overcome hair fall problem and how have you managed to control hair fall? Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest hair care updates.

  • Malihahaque

    My hair are falling a lot.I try to eat healthy but still they fall.should I keep my hair short because they tangle easily and break while I brush them.also I use a loreal shampoo.can u suggest me any shampoo?I’m 25 years of age.

  • Malihahaque

    My hair are falling a lot.I try to eat healthy but still they fall.should I keep my hair short because they tangle easily and break while I brush them.also I use a loreal shampoo.can u suggest me any shampoo?I’m 25 years of age.

  • Ansh Sam262

    hii…..inm 22 yrs old . im suffering from hair loss for past 3-4 months continously due to which my hair u00a0patricularly 4rm frnt side has u00a0shw less ad even very thin……. actually also my hairs are vry i hv 2 wash them daily…..dont knw abt 2 don.

  • Ansh Sam262

    hii…..inm 22 yrs old . im suffering from hair loss for past 3-4 months continously due to which my hair u00a0patricularly 4rm frnt side has u00a0shw less ad even very thin……. actually also my hairs are vry i hv 2 wash them daily…..dont knw abt 2 don.

  • Ansh Sam262

    hii…..inm 22 yrs old . im suffering from hair loss for past 3-4 months continously due to which my hair u00a0patricularly 4rm frnt side has u00a0shw less ad even very thin……. actually also my hairs are vry i hv 2 wash them daily…..dont knw abt 2 don.

  • Sadaf

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I have also problem of hair fall I use many shapoo and oils but never see gud resultplz help me and tell me any shapoo who stop my hair fall

  • First of all tell me if you sport long or short hair, if you have long hair than you should figure out the root cause, why hair fall is happening. Folic acid tablets can help but can only be taken if your gynecologists approves it. Moreover, shampoo or conditioners are not the only thing which can help stop hair fall.

    Massage your hair with hair oil at night and wash next day, continue this 2 per week and wait for results. Also follow the above tips to control hair fall.

  • Washing hair daily can be a culprit here. Why not check with a doctor and figure out the reason, are you sure it’s not hereditary? If not, then follow the above tips to stop hair fall and take low dosages of folic acid tablets once a day.

  • Loreal Total 5 is a good shampoo which you can use to prevent further hair damages along with some conditioners. Short hair are less prone to hair fall but that’s not something you can rely completely on.

    Try coconut oil and message for 10 mins at night, wash hair in the morning and be patient.

  • Tabassum77

    Hi,i am 25 years old  i am suffering from heavy hair fall 1st i was using sunsilk now i am trying dove but my hair fall is not stopping  i am staying in al nahda here the water is not good and i have very short hair please suggest me any thing good plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • If you are experiencing very heavy hair fall you should consult a dermatologists immediately, hard water could be the reason behind it. Use Olive oil, heat the oil a little, and then apply it generously all over the scalp before sleeping in. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning.

    Eat vitamin B rich food and drink plenty of water and sleep well, use good shampoo and conditioner don’t use normal chemical shampoo use natural shampoo and conditioner and hair supplements. Stop Caffeine entirely for few weeks to see the progress.

  • Jison_123

    Is it use coconut oil for massage for the scalp is good??? Since tat was so oily, didn’t make scalp more oily?

  • Our goal is to use hot oil to massage the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and hair growth. You can use Coconut Oil or Olive Oil as both are equally good for hair growth. You can change your hair oil if that is making your scalp more oily.

  • Pavi Redroses09

    hii im 21 yrs old. i have a shoulder length hair.. n its bushy and kinda straight..n past a year im suffering frm hair loss.. specially the front part.. wen i take a side partition, its very obvious that i have lost lot of hair.. n the thickness is also gone.. now its tooo thin.n my hair growth s tooo slow. any kinda oil docent suit me..because once i apply oil my hair falls a lot.. im really scared to see that so i stopped it.. n i ws using pantene shampoo hair fall control but no result.. so now im using dove intense repair.. but still the same… feeling really bad about it.. at this age having such hair its horrible…please do suggest me something which can make my hair grow n thick  

  • Unfortunately, only hair fall shampoo won’t help much. You need to check your diet, lifestyle etc. as 21 is not the age when you should shed that amount of hair. To control your hair fall i will advice you to keep your hair short for a while (long hair are more prone to fall), also use cold water to wash your hair. Moreover, use herbal products for now and still if the problem is not solved consult your doctor who can prescribe folic acid or some other vitamins to help control further hair fall.

  • Hetalpatel0712

    Hi m 25 years old and I hed my hair rebonding 3 month ago n I got too much hair fall. Now its 60% left. All so I heard caffein is good. But I don no so pls halp me as much as posibel. So I can stop my hair fall.x.

  • Prakash Jhaj

    I would advise you to consult a dermatologist immediately. Heavy hair fall could be because of multiple reasons but at the age of 25 it’s not very common. Your dermatologist can evaluate the root cause of your hair fall and can suggest some vitamins, minerals and some food intakes.

  • Spandana9131

    Hi m 19yrs old. I loose hairs nly wen i hv bath o during applyin oil. Bt my pblm z dat my hairs hv become vry thin. So cn u suggest me hw cn get my thick hairs back.

  • sheela

    hii…….. my name is sheela . i am 26yrs old married and i have one kid she is 4yrs my problem is lot of hair fall from past 4months .my hair is dry and very rough .i used amway shampoo from past 4 months . i dont know what is the reason for hair fall.can u please reply me which shampoo is best for my hair ,what r the home cares for my hair.i need to regain my hair with soft,silky,shinny.what is the solution.

  • Since your kid is over 2 years of age, i am assuming you are NOT breast feeding her anymore. Amway shampoo is quite good and doesn’t include harmful chemicals still you can try Livon Hair Gain Tonic.

    Meanwhile, you should focus on your diet, sleep schedules and stress. If nothing works and you still see heavy hair fall you should consult a dermatologist or Gynecologist as they might be able to prescribe some vitamins, minerals, folic acid etc. to boost your hair.

    Also check out these foods can improve your hair growth if induced properly in your diet.

  • Vidhi

    Hi m 24yrs n a mother of 1yr baby n m suffering hair loss lots since 2 mths plz help n wht was it tht u mentioned abt breast feeding is it a reason for hair fall n I hav been using dove shampoo since 4 yrs n which olive oil should be used for massage here we get many types like mild taste, extra virgin etc

  • Hair fall control

    Breastfeeding women experience postpartum hair loss which is
    completely normal and temporary. This temporary hair loss is completely
    unrelated to breastfeeding and women usually return to their normal hair
    growth cycle between 6 to 12 months after birth.

    Something else that might cause hair loss is weaning from breastfeeding,
    as this causes a fluctuation in hormones. So if you think you are going
    to stop losing your hair if you stop breastfeeding, you might actually
    be making it worse!

    I think your Gynecologists must have given
    you folic acid and other vitamins post birth. You can continue Folic
    acid again after consulting her. Moreover, check if you have hair
    specific olive oil available in your vicinity.

  • Ericapaige94

    hi. I’m only 18 but lately I feel like I’ve been losing a lot of hair. I have recently started to wash my hair every other day… And when I wash my hair, some hair comes out , maybe about 15 or so strands ? I’m really paranoid maybe nothing is wrong. I read it’s normal to lose about 100 a day but that seems too much…
    Additional info :
    recently I’ve been deep conditionig my hair every time I wash.
    I’ve also been taking vitamins for hair growth : b vitamins , biotin, folic acid

  • Rgorak


    I want yo share my experience with everybody, how I manage to stop my Hair from falling. Morning I had 1 tea spoon of Amla powder mixed in water, then in 2 eggs(yellow) I mixed olive oil, amla powder and methi powder. Applied that on my scalp after 1hr of soking. Left it to dry for 45mins. Then I wash my Hair with Suave shampoo, then conditioned it with normal to cold water. After, towel dry I applied Suave hair serum. Then, the magic happened. I did not have hair fall from that time onward. One most important thing I started eating lots of Fish/ Egg/ veggies and lentils. All the best guys.

  • Rgorak

    Hi Sheela!!

    Read the above things I did to stop hair fall.

  • Kachawas

    I am very happy for the tips given and I will try and work out all the solutions ……. And I am very heartedly thankful to you for advising me for my hair fall …… And I hope that dis solutions work out , plus I even wish you be successful …….. Once again thankyou ……. Take care ……

  • Ruth

    hiiii……. m ruth am 20 yrs old…am having heavy hair fall problem for the past 2yrs…i have got quite a long hair..i have been using herbal oils and hair fall control shampoos…bt the result is negative….they have not stopped my hair from falling…my hair has become very thin due to heavy hair fall, especialy i lost hair in the front side….suggest me some good ways to prevent my hair loss and hair fall……..

  • reema

    hi my name is reema and i m 24 years old . i m  married and have no kid . my problem is that my hair falls all the time i tried different shampoos to stop them but it did not work i have very thin hairs now, but still my hairs are falling, i m taking iron tablets from my doctor but noting is effecting on my hairs they still fall . i just want to regain my hairs. can u tell me please what is the solution 

  • Radhika Sharma

     Whom did you see, Gynecologist or dermatologists i think it’s time to visit dermatologists to actually figure out the root cause. If it’s not stress, harmful chemicals or other known issues of hair fall then dermatologist will be the right person to prescribe few vitamins or minerals.

    I tried Folic Acid post delivery and it worked well for my hair fall. Having said that i still suggest  you take the immediate measure right away.

  • Richard

     There are few other articles on hair fall in this site, i read them all to understand why heavy hair fall occurs.

  • Garimas885

    Hi my name is 23yrs a cabin hving a hard time bz f massive hair fall…and i long hair…i think my roots hv become vry weak…i dnt knw d reason for 4 it also.

  • reeti

    thanxx fr da help

  • Nilima Du

    hi i m from bangladesh. i m 25 years old. my hair is very dry and has dandruff and hair is lossing increasingly. i used different types of shampoo. now what i will do?

  • priyanka

    i am follow  those things but my hair fall heavy what can i do ……

  • star

    hey! listen i REALLY NEED HELP. i m 14 and i m going through major hair fall! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! i know this sounds crazy…… i dont know how to stop it. my hair didnt fall so much before bt now i think i lost more then half of my hair! i brush once and loads fall off. please give me some advice! i really need it 🙁 i m totally freakin out

  • Heavy hair fall like the way you have described isn’t common for a 14 year old girl. I would advise you to take help of professionals (doctors) immediately. Meanwhile, don’t wash off your hair with hard water too often.

  • Dandruff is also one of the primary reason for hair fall, having tried different shampoos already i would advise you to go for homemade dandruff control first and you will see a gradual decline in hair fall.

    Browse our site for dandruff control articles and try to implement them if possible.

  • puneet

    Hi m puneet from jalandhar…m losing ma hair continously since a nw from a month or two it has becum too massive…i actually got ma hair rebonded…ma hairdresser told me to use d products of matrix only fo d rebonded hair…shall i continue wd dat or. Try d natural therapies as u said…i really need to control ma fall nd wanna grow ma hair longer…..m a 22 yrs old girl

  • Since you are already opted for hair rebonding which is a costly treatment, i would suggest you to stick with what your hairdresser told you.

    It’s a process which chemically treat your hair and make them straighter and stronger so it would be wise to wait a little and observe the effect.nn1

  • Ruby chauhan

    hi i am ruby and i m a 20 years old i have lot of problem of hair fall and i use lots of shampoo and use olive oil but no effect please tell me the solution of reduce hair fallnn1

  • Aditi Gupta1386

    Extensive hair fall last 3 month taken medicine but no control

  • pooja

    These solution i read it and also use these chemichel product that effect my hair,thax for giving me these solution now i going to doctor and give the advice from doctor only…

  • manashree das

    hello…m 28 yrz old. m suffering 4m hair fall 4 past 5/6yrz and my hair quality is so thin n having dry scalp. need ur help 2 control my hair fall prb

  • anupama

    hiee..m anupama..m 17yrs old…i always use to straighten my hair a lot..and now..i am after a lot of hair fall dese days..even my hair has become so light..i had cut my hair but within a month again split ends..plz tell me now what shud i do..coz m really worried…

  • Hair straightening could be the cause of excessive hair fall. At your age massive hair fall is not good. Get yourself checked for vitamin or any other deficiency.

    Meanwhile, eat some hair friendly food. I have given the link in one of the comment above.

  • What’s your age and sleeping pattern?

  • anupama

    Thank you sooo muchhhh…!!!

  • parthu

    hi m 20 yr old myself same prblm hairfall . i have lost my hair
    will d lost hair grow again?

  • parthu

    wt r d tablets available 4 iron n zinc deficiency?

  • shilpi

    hiii…..i m 21 yrs old. i m suffering from heavy hair fall from last 2 mnths n i have dandruff also from 2-3 mnths….my hairs become very thin. please tell me wat to do..?

  • hamid sayed

    hi… i m 23 yrs old. i m suffering from hair fall from last 4 yrs. i have chick with a doctor but there is no result. plz give some advice to control hair fall. and which shampoo is right to use while taking a bath..thk you..

  • Ria Kapoor

    i m 19.. nd my hairfall was immense… i was badly worried.. some *good* person suggested me iron folic and bio c of AMWAY NUTRILITE and it is even unbelievable fr me but widin 15 days my hairfall has almost stopped… i m sooooo glad… i m also taking protein fr hair growth… i would suggest everyone who deals wid a problem of hairfall to try dese tablets twice a day but mind me… take them regularly else dont blame the product.. hope everyone benefits frm them..

  • Rhea

    i wil suggest bio c and iron folic of AMWAY twice a day.. trust me.. it wil help u loadsss…. and u wil see it widin 20 days..

  • i`m suffering lots of hair falls from front of the head did so many things bt no.let me kn a good shampoo n a oil.i`m 28 year`s old

  • asha

    hi im 24yrs old i have excess of hair fall, not able to control it frm any of the shampoo… im using the oil which is home made prepared by me.. i added hibiscus flower, amla, mehandi leaf, aluvera etc i grained it & boiled in a coconut oil im using it from past 3 weeks.. i dont knw whether it is working out or not.. because still im facing hair fall.. so can i continue to with this oil or need to do some other things.. pls advice me….

  • Jyothi

    Hai how many iron folic and bio c of amway nutrilite and till how many days plz suggest……..tablets we have to take

  • jyothi

    Hey how many per day we have to take and till how many days….u have menioned 2 tablets and we have to take bio c 2 and iron folic 2 per each day right??

  • Maaza Arslan

    hi. im 23 years old. i hve 2 kids. my hair r getting so much thin. im very worried about my hair fall. plz do help me.

  • Aayushi Doshi

    hii…im 17 yr old….i hav long hair n m suffering through excess hairfall
    i also do hot oil massage regularly twice a week and wash it nxt day or other day as suitable….i hav started using alovera gel and juice….i hav dandruff problem and i tried home remedies fr it but der is no such result…..i had also consulted a docter b4 for my hairfall problem but still der is no result…my hair is weak and is becoming thinner week by week

  • simar

    i m 19 years old m having a lot oh hairfall from past 3 years i have tried many oils ,products and tablets nothing works .i was ill for long time and it resulted in hairfall .can anybody help me ,plz suggest something?

  • poonam

    hi, i am poonam suffering from hair fall problem plz help mi …..

  • madhvi

    hiii i m jst 21 years old.i m suffering from hair loss continuosly.what i do.

  • 21 is just too young to suffer hair fall. The reasons could be hereditary, hormonal imbalance or medications etc. I would recommend to concentrate on your diet you can consume foods that are good for hair. Moreover, try organic hair fall shampoos which contains very less chemicals.

    Your dermatolgist can advice some vitamins like vitamin B complex, C and E. Since, Vitamin B complex is good for hair volume whereas C prevents greying (premature).

    Also ensure that you are not iron deficient or suffer from anemia.

  • manjot

    hi.. m 25 yrs old .i m suffering from hair fall from last 1yr. my hairs are falling from the roots .m also taking iron tablets nd biotin tablets even then i dnt see any effect ..plz give me solution what i can do..

  • tisha

    i m tisha 20yrz old .i have done smoothing in mah hairs n now its continuously falling what to do plzz hlp

  • Neha mishra

    Hi,i am 23 years old i am suffering from heavy hair fall 1st i was using head&shoulders but now now i am trying dove but my hair fall is not stopping i am staying in chennai here the water is not good and i have very short hair please suggest me any thing good

  • rach123

    hi… i’m 17 years old and i have short hair…..i never used to put oil but i used to daily shampoo my hair while bath….i’m having extensive hairfall…dont know what to do:(

  • Abdul Majid

    Hi What is the Important & Best Oil for Hair Falling ? Coconut, Amla, Any Oil ?? which one is best

  • Papi Singh

    Coconut oil is the best oil for our hair but cant say that it reduces hair fall. I am using Capigro to prevent my hair loss. This anti hair fall lotion reduces the hair fall only after a few days of using. I have chosen it because it’s natural.

  • Priya

    Hi…. I’m Priya 30 years old. My problem lot of hair fall and breaking. I use dove shampoo but not good result. Pls say the suitable shampoo. How to stop hair fall

  • pearl

    Plz help me my hair fall badly….I think I will go in depression very soon plz help me

  • geethakannan

    hi i am 26 yrs old feeding for baby now baby month is 12 month hair falling & i am using Amway shampoo then Himalaya shampoo using but hair falling wt tips pl z say me these is my no pl z

  • Michelle

    I personally love Pro Naturals ! 🙂

  • Priya Jijesh

    Ohh dear. Even mine 500-700 hair strands was falling but one of friend suggest me BIOTIN amway product my hair fall stops completly today is day 6 im taking tablets with salmon omega-3. Im so happy and my hair texture changed lot. Very nice amway products….