Sudden rise in search text control hair fall is showing an interesting graph. Hair fall is not an alien word with anyone. Either you know of it or you suffer from it. Latter seems to be a case with majority of people all around the globe.

Hair Fall is not only limited to men which typically occur after certain age but also in women who are supposingly taking good care of their hair and use expensive hair product. Studies suggest that even after using expensive hair products i.e. shampoo or conditioners still people don’t get the desired result.

Are you getting angst about the problem yourself? To help you with your hair fall problem, here are top 10 ways to control hair fall especially in women..

1. Hot oil message

Just washing your hair and conditioning doesn’t do the trick. Combing your hair with the comb in different directions is one way of stimulating blood flow but using hot oil to massage the scalp stimulate the hair follicles and hair growth. You will find quite a few essential oils that are good for the texture of the hair and also add to the relaxing essence of the massage.

2. Avoid stress

This is one reason why either you go gray at a younger age or starting facing heavy hair fall. To control so, avoid added stress from any front. Give yourself a relaxing massage when combing and do not think too much. You will either end up giving yourself a headache or stressing your head.

3. Eat healthy diet

A healthy diet is a good way of avoiding hair fall. You will find that people eating healthy foods like seafood and protein often have lustrous hair and also glowing skin. Eating right is recommended by the doc as well and hence, lack of nutrition can show in the external aspects of your body like hair fall.

4. Use natural herbs

Amla powder, tea tree oil, yogurt, what are we trying to say? Homemade remedies can do wonders when it comes to the maintenance of your hair & reduce hair fall. Bacteria accumulating at the roots can weaken them and make your hair fall. Not many wash their hair properly as well. Hence, use things like tea tree oil to remove bacteria from the scalp.

5. Hydrate your body

Water is very importance as the human body is mostly water. Dry scalp, dry skin? Make sure you drink a lot of water. Do not try wetting your hair as that will just weaken the health of the hair. Hydrates the body from inside and you’ll see a difference.

6. Avoid hot water head baths

Hot water breaks the hair follicles and also strips the scalp of natural oils. Always wash your scalp with warm water and then end with cold water to close the pores. Hot water breaks down the hair and enforces hair fall affecting baldness. Not many are aware of this.

7. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals

Streaking, coloring, permanent serums, extensive exposure to chemicals or treatments like straightening or re-bonding break down hair so rapidly; you would not realize how easily you have lost so much hair in quick time. If you must, try streaking but full process coloring is doing damage knowing so to your hair.

8. Be patient with your hair

Do you comb it roughly? Not what we would recommend. There is a high chance you twist it, turn it, tug it or try severe hairstyles which harm the roots which add to hair fall. Always untangle from the ends upwards.

9. Regular trims

Split ends are often every woman’s worry. To keep your hair healthy, get trims every 6 to 9 weeks i.e. if you want the same length. In case you want to grow it longer, let it grow but give it extra maintenance care and watch for when the ends are about to get rough, trim it.

10. Hair products

Chuck those outdated products and do not lather hair spray serum on to your hair all the time. Try not to sleep with hair spray in and wash your hair properly. Too much layering of product can form a dull layer and hide the shine of your hair, sometimes can also cause hair fall. Let your hair breath.

Apart from those you can use some homemade hair fall remedies (if you know any) to help your hairs. Short hairs are less prone to hair fall so you can keep short hair for times when hair fall is at its peak.

How to Stop Hair Fall

How to Stop Hair Fall may sound easy and simple, but the same is not true even after you search millions of pages for  “Control Hair Fall”,   “Prevent Hair Fall”, “Hair Fall Control”, “Hair Fall Solutions”, “Hair Fall Prevention” or “Reasons for Hair Loss”. In case  you haven’t got any success even after trying the hair fall solutions given above, then i would advise you to consult a doctor to figure out the primary cause of hair fall.

I would love to hear your own experiences of fighting with hair fall, what all you did to overcome hair fall problem and how have you managed to control hair fall? Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest hair care updates.