women 3 minutes makeup tips

3 Minutes Makeup tips for women: If you are late for the party just because your kids have messed up their clothes or spilled the cereal at the last moment. Then do not worry because you can still put your makeup on in just 3 minutes. In this article I am going to tell you how you can apply cosmetics quickly on your face to get ready for a party or work.

Ideally, you should prepare yourself in advance but in case you are running late then these 3 minutes makeup tips will come handy.

Although, every individual is different and different makeup is chosen based on the complexion, time and availability still the following tips can be followed by everyone to stay stylish and trendy.

Get Ready With 3 Minutes Makeup Tips

If you are up for this 3 minutes makeup challenge and usually tend to follow 3 minutes makeup routine, following these makeup tips will be easy. If you are new to this quick makeup tutorial, try to do it as fast as you can. You might take little more time than 3 minutes but with practice you will end up in less than 3 minutes for sure.

  1. First of all you have to remove the mascara remnants off your face and wash your face.
  2. Gently message your face with SPF 15 sunscreen and moisturizers for few seconds. This will help your skin to look fresh.
  3. If you can use Concealer that will be the best thing you can do with your skin. Concealer helps in keeping healthy skin and ideal for skin care.
  4. With the use of brush dab it on to the checks, the eyelid blending up to the brow bone and the inside of the lips.
  5. You can either use mascara or let the eyes be without it. In case of rainy season it is advisable to use waterproof mascara. Do not forget to remove mascara as soon as you reach back home.
  6. Women with long hair can use stylish gel’s available in the market and brush with hair gathering upwards and clip or use pretty barrette’s.
  7. Women with short hair can also use gel or moused and tussled.
  8. Now, make sure you dress up according to the place you are about to visit. You can wear jeans, top and jacket or much traditional depending upon your wish.

Soon after you are done with the above I think you would look your best and ready to go out. So, did these 3 minutes makeup tips helped you in anyway? Leave us a comment and share your makeup tips with the community.