Have you ever inspected your feet? Are they beautiful or they ugly? Well here are some important and effective tips to make them beautiful and attractive. Follow them and be sure to have soft, healthy, beautiful and attractive feet.

 Beautiful  Healthy & Attractive Feet

Hardly there is any woman who does not wish to have beautiful and attractive feet. Our feet are one of the most important part of our body and without them life is hard to imagine, yet they are uncared for the most.

Good care for feet ensures protection against infection and ailments like corns, calluses and various fungal problems. Moreover, good feet care ensures that your feet look soft and beautiful, end result is attractive feet.

Top 10 tips to get Soft, Beautiful, Healthy and Attractive Feet

Read the following 10 tips to make your feet appear soft, beautiful and healthy. You will simply fall in love with your attractive feet.

1. Keep Feet Clean and Dry

Foot hygiene is important and should be strictly followed to have beautiful & attractive feet. Thoroughly scrub and clean your feet when you bathe. Pat them dry to get rid of excess moisture as microbes grow and multiply in moist regions.

2. Regular Cutting of Toenails

The second most important point to remember is regular cutting of toenails. Avoid cutting the nails very close to skin as it might lead to ingrown nails. Push the cuticle back with the help of wooden stick or even towel.

3. Remove Nail Polish

To get attractive feet, use a non-acetone nail polish remover to keep your nails clean. Continuous application of nail polish makes the nails discolored. Avoid using nail polish all the time. Sport nude nails once in a while.

4. Foot Cream Massage

For attractive feet, you should use a good quality foot cream to massage on your feet. Massage for 10-15 minutes gently and wipe out the excess cream. This is a great tip to boost the moisture content of the skin of your feet. Your feet will soon become soft, supple and become attractive feet.

5. Excessive Sweating

For attractive feet, try to control excess sweating from feet. Use good antiperspirant to rectify the situation. You can also apply some talcum powder while wearing shoes. It is effective in controlling the ‘sweaty’ condition. This will solve your problem of feet bad odor. Wear socks made of cotton only as cotton absorbs sweat.

6. Good Fitting Shoes

Too tight or loose shoes can lead to foot problems. For attractive feet wear good fitting shoes only. Opt for a shoe that gives your enough space for your toes and is not tight. Do not choose pointed tip shoes as they can cause injury to your toes.

7. Protect Feet in Public Places

Wear shoes instead of sandals at public places. This is a good way to protect them and avoid getting infections at such places.

8. Do not Share Foot Gear

To maintain attractive feet, simply do not share your shoes with others. Fungal infections can be transferred from one individual to the other by shoes. Wear shoes that belong to you only.

9. Breathable Shoes

In order to keep your feet healthy and dry, buy breathable leather shoes or shoes made of mesh material. They allow the air to pass through them and help in maintaining healthy and attractive feet.

10. Care While Swimming

For attractive feet, you must consider to take care of your feet especially if you love swimming. To avoid fungal infections, apply foot cream rich in tea tree oil.

A Bonus Tip For Attractive Feet

If you find symptoms like redness, itching or pain in feet or toes, immediately consul a specialist for further care and treatment.

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