How to remove body tan, get rid of body tan? Browse natural Skin Tanning Remedies. Have you been out in sun and find yourself tanned with lines on hands or arms or all across your neck and face? Tanning can make a lot of people conscious, for some it can even clear out their pale complexion. Quick Tips To Remove Body Tan.

How To Remove Body Tan Instantly, Naturally

If you do not find tan complementary on you, you can remove body tan, tanning fast and easy from your body, face or hands with few simple steps.

Tips To Remove Body Tan

If you use have used fake tanner for tanning your skin then this tip will be most helpful. To start with use acetone based removers as they work wonderfully to remove body tan. Do not think about using removers that do not have acetone as they will not show any effect. Basic rule to remove body tan is to work only on the areas which are tanned and not use over body areas that are not tanned. Do not scrub the skin but be polite and gentle. Use a cotton bud to dip and apply all over face.

Moreover, you can use baking soda to remove body tan. In the shower, put some baking soda in your palm and dampen it properly. Rub it on the tanned body parts and you will see the difference as baking soda works wonderfully to remove body tan. A lot of women also uses skin bleach as it shows instant effect and removes tan immediately but we won’t recommend this to women’s having super sensitive skin tone.

If medication works for you, use hydrogen peroxide once a day and follow up with the routine till your tan has vanished. Removing body tan is not difficult. A number of skin clinics today offer polishes and baths to take off tan. For those who believe in natural remedies or don’t wish to shell out great sum just to remove body tan should try these methods. Also, tan removal depends on the area you want it from. For removing tan from legs, removing tan from hands, removing tan from face and neck, just try baby oil. Leave it on the tanned areas for a half an hour before bath. Use a soft loofah or a sponge to rub in circles.

How To Remove Body Tan Instantly, NaturallyFor areas like elbows, knees, underarms you can always be little persistent with a pumice stone or a loofah. Natural tan from the sun takes time to wear off and using bleach early can sting and burn from where you are already peeling.

Baby oil is a good option. Also you can use cucumber as a coolant to relax your skin. Natural or herbal remedies can act well for a natural tan. Try buttermilk or lime juice with cream to roll on to your skin and gentle scrub. Lime juice acts like a natural bleach but without any burning or side effects like irritation. Aloe Vera is both cooling and help for a scrub.

Fake tan might go off much faster but natural tan (sun tan) requires time and hence, do not get impatient with it. If you need to remove body tan immediately (instant body tan removal), we suggest you take the professional help.

Natural Ways To Remove Body Tan Instantly

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