We understand your dilemma of finding Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect. Study suggests that almost 55% females ends up searching “Why it’s so difficult to find Mr. Perfect” or “How to find Mr. Right” simply because they ran out of luck even after dating lots of men. So, to begin with there so many men out there at your work place, pubs, clubs, dance parties, restaurants who do you think is the perfect or better. How do you figure out who is the Mr. Right for you? It surely is not a fairytale and hence the first guy who laid his eyes upon is not always destined to be your partner. Well to help you here are a few tips to find Mr. Right.

Do not go via a checklist but know what you want in a man. A guy himself would understand if you were going by a checklist and would not like to be subjected to that. Hence, be confident of what you like but not too rigid. Is a friend of yours pretty close to what you have in mind? Do you feel that way about him? Why not give it a chance.

Have you dated before? Often through pass mistakes you realize what will work for you and what wont. Do not repeat the same mistakes again and again else you’ll be cursing yourself. While going on hunt for Mr. Right do not lay ground rules but keep an open mind about things. While attraction is possible do not get blinded by the butterflies in your stomach. Give it time and get to know each other quite a bit before being judgmental.

Do not keep looks as a number one priority or classify a type. If you do so you might just end up missing good people. Give everyone a fair chance. This experience can be fun at the same time and frustrating if you go by steps or checklists you have made earlier in your mind. Play it natural and given the physical appearances as well as personality a fair chance to please you.

Accept that no one is perfect. Tomorrow when you fall in love, you will find the imperfections also passable and will overlook them gladly. But while looking for Mr. Right, let the nonsensical stuff be and do not pay it that much attention unless it can come between you two.

Talk to your friends and family about what kind of person you are looking for. This can be a real helpful as they may out of their contacts may know someone who matches your Mr. Right’s description and can pass the word around. Finding your Mr. Right is not always about meeting on your own and taking it from there. If you are destined to meet through your parents, so be it as long as you find your Mr. Right.

Lastly, take everything about a person in to account, his character, his opinions, his future thoughts, what he is looking for a number of other things between the two of you and about your personalities.

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