Happiness is a tricky subject. A lot of people go wrong by thinking that happiness is something that you win. It’s the goal, it’s the thing you get to keep at the end. Then they wonder why they’ve never had it. Instead, think of happiness as a resource. It’s not everlasting joy. It’s passion, it’s commitment, it’s positivity. And it’s a resource like money, at the risk of sound super capitalistic. As with money, when it comes to money, you have to speculate to accumulate. Here’s how treating happiness like an investment can help you truly become rich in yourself.

Invest in yourself

Happiness is inherently tied to a sense of self-worth, for one. Judging and valuing ourselves isn’t the healthiest thing, as people who are unhappy tend to have a negative bias against themselves. So, working to change that bias can do wonders to change your perception of yourself. How do you do that? You develop yourself, as Marc and Angel suggest. You make practical, undeniable improvements to yourself. You read a book. You set health goals and make little changes one bit at a time. You spend some time helping others. Keep stacking your efforts into creating a different person. Then, more importantly, look back and acknowledge what you’ve done. Don’t give a doubtful mind the chance to undermine your efforts. Look at the physical proof of the good you’ve done the goals you’ve accomplished.

Invest yourself

It’s not about building some insular core of happiness within yourself, either. It’s about getting that self out in the world. It’s about putting out positive vibes and seeing the world return a lot more because you did so. That’s what the Manifestation Miracle Review – Live Your Dreams is all about. The rule of attraction dictates that positive things tend to happen around positive people. But it’s not truly about the result for everyone who practices it. It’s about the lessons learned from cultures that everything in the world is about perception. Desire, when denied, doesn’t become a factor. Suffering, when ignored, doesn’t become a weight. Positivity and inner stability help you weather any storm.

Care for that investment

It’s not always easy to get to that point, however. Sometimes you’re going to feel the strain and you shouldn’t feel weak for acknowledging it. Trying too hard is very much a thing and people can burn themselves out by never giving themselves a break. The occasional home spa day and lazy Netflix marathon can be a great refresher to help you get back to full strength. But if you want to better care for yourself, make it an everyday thing. Meditate at the start of every day to give you some perspective and a little breathing room so that you have a much calmer, level mindset before you start the day in earnest.

The one point that matters above all else is that if you want happiness, your best bet is to stop procrastinating. Things aren’t going to change just by waiting for them. Whether through will, reflection, or self-dedication, you have to go get it yourself.