Harajuku Nail Art and Harajuku fashion is extremely popular in Japan especially in Tokyo. Youngsters dress up very differently in kawaii (cute) styles for Harajuku socializing where a majority of them choose extreme fashion. Extremer the better.

Harajuku nails are typically longer than long which also contain various colors and 3D decorations i.e. 3d molds, nail jewellery, Fimo canes, flowers, stickers and rhinestones. There is no definite pattern of Harajuku nail art as it’s all about creativity, mixing ideas and experimenting with different Japanese nail art designs together.

HaraJuku Nail Art Designs for 2012 -2013

We would love to hear your own nail art ideas, experiments and how you tried Harajuku nail art in your group. Please leave us a comment and let us know.