The difference in nail art from level to level is about how you do it and how much more can you make of your supplies. At the beginner level you mainly use very easy accessories. But as you progress, you will see nail art at intermediate and expert level gets more complicated and needs you to use as many accessories at once or use simple supplies and make amazing designs. Let’s play it example by example.

Intermediate nail art designs require you to use two to three accessories at once.

For now let’s try a beach seashell design to explain this. Take an artificial nail to work at first. Cover the nail in clear gel to work on as your base. Take two or three seashells of tiny sizes to set on the corner of your nail. Next use a brush to set loose sand around on the nail to give it that sea-shore look. Leave it to set for a while before you go any further.

Use your brush later to set light blue gel in areas around the sand which gives your design the final look of summer or beach side. To set all of it, cover the nail with clear gel once again and shape it to your desire and voila! Mind you we make it sound easy but it really is not, if you don’t have the patience to go with it. P.S If you like glitter or rhinestones, you may add those too.

Next, we move on to an expert nail art design which shows how a pro can create absolute beauty.

This design requires you to work with brushes alone on your nail. Start by painting your nail a frosty glittery gold. We are aiming for a tribal themed nail art design and hence require colors like gold, copper, brown, black and some white. Dip a thin brush in dark copper and paint a circle on the nail.

Next, dip another brush in black and paint a circle inside the first one. Use a liner brush to draw sun rays from the outer circle in black. Make sure you paint two layers to fill in later in brown and black alternatively.

The last and final step of this expert nail art design is to draw the face inside the black circle to depict Sun God. Use a lighter shade of brown to draw the face. For a bonus, put an added effect by painting dots in the copper circle.

Expert nail art designs don’t negate accessories but use them to enhance better designs and nail paintings. Use random supplies like sand or shells and you can make amazing designs with your conceptualization. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest beauty and nail art updates.