Breast Augmentation or Breast Enhancement is a boon by medical science to a lot of women. There are a number of reasons why someone would go for breast implants or what is popularly known as a ‘boob job’. Women recovering from cancer and mastectomy go for reconstructive breast surgeries as it the final step of recovery.

Women who have size difference between the two breasts also contemplate the option as the want the perfect breasts. Apart from these two reasons, most of the time, women who go in for breast implants are those who are not happy with their breast size. It’s said that “God has created everyone the way they are” but before you go for any breast surgeries do your research about the pros and cons. I am listing the possible Pro’s and Con’s of breast augmentation but the final call is in your hands only.

Pros of Breast Augmentation Surgeries

  • As mentioned above, women dealing with mastectomy can go in for breast augmentation which is also referred as cosmetic surgery. Breast cancer can really be tough on women and can make them insecure about their appearance post chemotherapy. Reconstructing the shape can bring about certain resemblance to their earlier appearance.
  • If you are someone who is almost flat chested or are obsessed with bigger breasts and want them, guess what, you can have them. Medical science has improved so far than you can go from no-breasts to big buxom in hardly some time. Breast implants are of a number of kinds and you want to make sure you get the right ones meant for you.The difference lies in the implants i.e. saline or silicone and the method of insertion i.e. from the armpits, from side of the breast and from the belly button. Only the belly button insertion method leaves no scars and also takes lesser time to recover.
  • Think your breasts do not look perfect? Do you have a difference in the way both nipples look? With age some women will notice that their one breast droops lower than the other. Given the movies and the pedestal women are put on, you are supposed to be perfect and hence most women compare themselves to actresses or models. Well you could say this is unfair but thanks to breast enhancements, women can satisfy their own physical appearance with cosmetic surgery.

Cons of Breast Augmentation Surgeries

  1. Scarring: Consider going in for a breast implants very carefully. Even the first meeting you have with the doctors will stretch long. They will probe you to know your motivation for going through the surgery. If you think you will have everybody admire you, that may happen but for yourself understand that you will always have the scars. If you ask us, for people to think you look great, you do not want to put with scars all your life.
  2. Anesthesia: Most women do not have a problem with the local anesthesia, but if you happen to be sensitive and run a risk of getting allergic, consider before. Allergies to anesthesia can prove fatal and there have been cases in the States where women have died because of it.
  3. Infection: This is the worst of all. It can so happen that after you get your breast implants, you can develop certain infection which will need immediate removal of the implants and can prove to be more painful a process in entirety. It will be quite a while before any doctor will again think about put your breast implants back in.
  4. Rupture: Implants can often rupture as well. To any one reading this, we are sure it sounds life threatening. Well it is and is fatal in most cases. A ruptured breast implant needs immediate removal and that is exactly why it can prove fatal.
  5. Loss of sensation: Think before you go in for any breast surgeries. Reading all cons actually shows that it is not really worth it and to state another risk – you can lose sensation in your breast or nipple area. Some women say it’s only during the recovery period that you don’t feel anything. But to consider the worst case scenario, some women also say that it results in loss of sensation permanently.

We leave the decision to you. Though the breasts are a very important part of the feminine form, it is mostly a mental block that you may have about being flat or less feminine. I would love to hear your opinion or experiences. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.