makeup_rulesOne always follow certain types of rules in life same goes for makeup too. But what are makeup rules?  There are no rules about what you choose to wear, but there are rules on how to apply makeup what to use etc.

If you follow the rules you can avoid any sort of infections.

1. Do not use someone’s mascara and eye-liner. Eyes are very sensitive to microbes. Using your friend’s cosmetic, you can infect your eyes. In this case your friend shares not only her mascara with you, but also microbes.

2. Foundation and powder tone should correspond to your natural skin tone. Such a disgusting spectacle – orange/brown cheeks and white neck. Shade foundation carefully, to make a passage “chin-neck” unnoticeable.

3. Moisten your skin before going to bed and before you apply make-up. Moistening is a pledge for skin beauty. Cosmetic falls dewy skin in a better way, and moistening before going to bed helps smoothing skin out, keeps its elasticity and health.

4. Do not use mascara longer than for 3 months. Microbes again! During 3 months of usage mascara accumulates huge quantity of microbes. Even if you forget about   microbes, mascara is probably dried up for this period. To avoid microbes coming into mascara, do not make “up-and-down” motions with a brush in a tube – although this way you “refresh” mascara, you also push microbes inside. Instead of it, turn brush in a tube several times to scoop more mascara, and then take out brush.

5. Use eye-liner or pencil rationally. Too penciled eyes look unnatural. If you cannot draw a straight contour with a firm hand, then probably you should reduce eye-liner usage to minimum and use only eye-pencil.

6. Do not forget moistening lips constantly
. There is nothing better, than a fruity kiss with tempting soft lips. In cold weather you should definitely use eos lip balm to prevent peeling and dryness. Moistening will also be useful while lipstick and lip-pencil usage.

7. Do not forget removing make-up before going to bed. We all know we should remove make-up before the night. If you ignore this procedure, the process of skin ageing is accelerated. Make-up only dries skin. Eye cosmetic weighs eyelids down, what leads to premature wrinkle appearance.

8. Do not choose shadows matching your cloth color, if it is not white, black, brown or grey. If your cloth is pink, green, red, dark-blue and orange, do not choose matching shadows. This looks grossly and unnatural. Such combination works only for neutral colors.

9. Do not use blusher that is more than two tones darker your natural face color. Are you going performing in circus? Do not go too far with bright blusher and apply it in the form of circle. The main rule – apply blusher two fingers distance from nose wings towards cheek-bones.

10. Shade, shade and again shade. You should look natural. Nothing should be sharp or edgy. To shade shadows or blusher, use brushes.

Now few Do’s

Makeup should only go on a freshly washed and moisturized face.

Whatever you’re doing, you have to see what you’re doing. Have bright, even light in front of your bathroom mirror.

Blend. Blend. And did I mention…blend! You don’t want to see where color begins or ends. Whether it’s foundation, blush, or eye color: no hard, drawn lines. An exception to this would be eyeliner, but I prefer even that to be smudged.