Sex Life

Sex Life

Does your sex life need a jump start? Helping Yourself to a Better Sex Life.

Sex & Good Chat Keeps Women Fit

Sex is healthy so is a conversation. Although,  we are not suggesting you do the two at the same time, make sure you indulge...

In Praise Of The Older Man – Dating Older Men

My Partner Mark is in his 60’s, he has salt and pepper hair, brown age spots freckle his hands and deep lines on his...

7 Weird And Bizarre Sex Facts Around The World

You will be shocked to now that there are some weird & bizarre sex laws and facts exists around the world which will make...
10 Health Benefits of Sex, Regular Sex Life

Health Benefits of Sex: 10 Amazing Sex Benefits

In order to have a healthy sex life, couples should know the significant health benefits of sex. They should regard sex not as a procedure but a way to live hale & Hearty. Read 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex.