Many couple treat sex just like porn which eventually ruin their sex life. Couple who enjoy perfect sex life knows the secret of keeping their partner happy. But what are the major blunders which should be avoided? Learn why treating sex like porn is not a good idea. Here are the 9 Sex Mistakes A Couple Make When Making Love which eventually ruin their sex life in long term.

Not Kissing Your Partner

You may be shocked to know but 65% couple who get intimate at least 3 times a week avoid kissing their partner while having sex. Sometimes, due to awkward position which doesn’t allow them to kiss but most of the time their main goal becomes reaching climax. They think kissing will break the rhythm. In order to sustain long term sexual life & pleasure do kiss your partner while having sex.

Biting Too Early Turns The Partner Off

As per a study many women loves an aggressive sex partner but sometimes biting turn the partner off due to severe pain or discomfort. If the partner is not aroused enough say no to biting otherwise it’s a huge turn off. You can gently bite their shoulder, neck or ear during the act when both are fully excited.

Ignoring Other Parts Of Your Partner’s Body

many couple tend to ignore other parts of their partner’s body except sexualized parts. Every couple should pay attention to different parts of their partner’s body otherwise things becomes too predictable and boring. Apart from genitals you can focus on their entire body i.e. knees, wrists, back and stomach etc. which are highly erogenous zones for men as well as women. Gently caressing these areas will help excite your partner further; in turn, increasing the chances of them pleasuring you back.

Putting Too Much Weight On Your Partner

When you put your weight on your partner you can clearly see on his/her face whether he/she is enjoying it or is it making him/her uncomfortable? It’s pretty normal to drop your weight on your partner every now and then but you have to balance your act. Do not drop your weight without noticing that if it’s chocking them or hindering their ability to breathe.

Reaching Climax Either Too Soon Or Too Late

Men need to have better control over their muscle to make sure they ejaculate at an appropriate time. Reaching climax too soon may leave your partner unsatisfied similarly, reaching climax too late might leave your partner feeling as if they’re pumping iron at the gym. To gain better control spend ample time on foreplay. If you take too long and can only ejaculate via manual stimulation, do your best to get your partner to orgasm and then they can return you the favor.

Not Informing Your Partner Before Reaching Climax

If you’re going to let go – and this applies even to women – whether during oral sex or intercourse, you need to tell your partner beforehand. Something as simple as “I’m going to let go,” will suffice. This will help your partner to balance his act of reaching climax.

Treating Sex Like Porn

Many couple break the jinx of having sex in missionary position all the time and they opt for raunchy sex moves. It will be a good idea to notice if your partner is loving the same act or not. If not just stay away with the idea or talk to your partner about it. As per study many relationship goes down just because of this particular reason.

Lying Quiet

You are not dead are you? lying quite while having sex is a big turn off. Your partner might think that you are not enjoying the act although you are enjoying but not speaking anything. A simple moan will encourage your partner to make the act a little more interesting.

Making Sex A Mechanical Act

This is the most common problem in couples having same kind of sex in years. Making sex a mechanical act just to reach the climax is a big NO. Sooner you will realize that both of you are loosing interest in sex. Innovate and create some variations is a good idea, similarly you can try different poses too. Going little slower or little faster than your normal routine can also help.

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