Top 10 signs of a cheating man, cheating husband: Your man is cheating on you and you suspect it? Probably the worst you can hope for and you do not want to know for sure in case it is for real. Still, you cannot be taken for a ride and hence, you need to pick on the certain changes and hints you are observing and face him. By all means if he’s cheating, he’s lost which you should know in your inner self.

If studies are to be believed then 50-60% men cheat their wives by indulging in extra marital affairs at least once in their lifetime. Wives of these man do not understand or have clue, if they can understand how to spot a cheater then life can become easier for these women. Stop cursing yourself and learn the art of spotting a cheater. Unraveled below are top 10 signs to know if your man is cheating on you.


He seems to be hanging out with his buddies all the time and has no time for you. Are you sure it’s his buddies all the time? Lately, he’s even been coming home late from work. From no work or running home to you, he is staying at his office but not particularly crying about it?

No longer making it work

Conversation is not easy flowing like it used to be and he seems to get too agitated if you ask him questions. It might not be you doing something wrong but his guilty conscience that may be catching up or he is finding it tough to keep two birds in hand and also handle everything else.

Lack of patience

He will snap and mind you poke him around to make him snap more or else you will not know why he is losing his temper. A number of these tips can also be because something that make totally unrelated from cheating but normally stress but it is also symptom of cheating with another birdie.

You’re intuition is bugging you

You have been picking up the hints and you’re doing your bit and more you do the more he seems to shrug off. Take it up with him. Confrontations are the only pills here and make him swallow it hard.

A sudden interest in themselves

You will notice that when a man is cheating on you or at least you think he is, he will be conscious about his looks like anyone in their initial phase of dating or making them look like a treat to capture. New fragrances, a new hairstyle, sudden grooming will more than catch your eye and do not let it go.

The cell phone nightmare

Is it more often that whenever you call his line is busy? Is his phone pinging too often, too many texts being sent and received and a sudden change to his tone or face when talking or reading the text? Do not get paranoid but grab that cell phone and ask about it. The topic is likely to be brushed away from his end.

Picking up of new behavior

There are things you could not get him to do but now he does that and more to just escape and not be held back? Is he showing off his charm more?

The money is flying

You are not likely to know where it is flying to. Is he spending it on himself as well as with his ‘buddies’? You can always check the credit card bills and the phone bills.

Intimacy withdrawal

The passion is lacking and he is not reaching for you but murmuring tired and sleeping it off. The endearments are missing and so is the everyday hug or kiss. For all you know he’s getting it somewhere else.

The computer is no longer the lonely box

This may or may not be on your ‘is he cheating’ list. But in case he is running for it at odd hours or spending too long, make sure you see if some chats or emails or social networking sites aren’t running your relationship.

Learn these things as these signs will help you spot a cheater. Please leave me a comment and let me know your views on spotting a cheating husband. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest Sex & Relationship updates.