Sex is healthy so is a conversation. Although,  we are not suggesting you do the two at the same time, make sure you indulge in some before and some afterwords or make time for good chat. Sex between a couple is kind of an exercise and is also recommend as the number one exercise if someone wants to lose weight.

A couple who indulges in sex frequently is high on intimacy and drive but sex alone is just sweating it out. A couple should understand the importance of pillow talk and conversations about their relationship which is equally important. The talk before sex might get interrupted or most of time may just be sex talk but does your man knows that his woman can be totally fit with a chat as well? Sex is all about exercising the body while chat is more about exercising the mind and heart. Unlike men, women like to talk and without talks they do not enjoy sex as much as they would if their partner indulges in lots of talk with them.

Mostly labeled as pillow talk, it is can play a crucial role in the couple’s lives. Moreover, woman like to be appreciated and cared for which can only be shown while holding a conversation with her. Pillow talks may not always be an option but just like the initial stages of dating, a good chat can stimulate the mind and be quite the turn on. Not to be cliché, but haven’t you observed the character of James Bond ever. A fast conversation can be a stimulant, arousing, a solid foundation and once again a huge turn on. There is something about a battle of the tongues, by which we mean metaphorically.

Be it talk or sex talk, conversations play a crucial role in a relationship unless you are having a one night stand. Sex alone can make a woman think that you do not care. A relationship is a balance between intimacy and caring. You cannot debate the topic of caring through sex. Healthy conversations had everything in the doctor’s prescription to a healthy relationship given that communication let go of many barriers and what do you know it may lead you to sharing role plays, fantasies.

Sex is initially the most sought after in a relationship. When the frequency of your sex life reduces a good chat keeps you going. Also the practical answer here is to say that sex cannot be nonstop and while you are not at it, silence cannot be maintained. A couple who does not talk is bound to get burned out over time as relationships only sexually  maintained only serve one part of the gambit. To make a relationship work, all it takes is talk.

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