You will be shocked to now that there are some weird & bizarre sex laws and facts exists around the world which will make you think what’s wrong with the world?These sex facts are so bizarre in nature that sometimes it make no sense at all. Check out the following 7 weird & bizarre sex facts around the world.

Germany’s Sex Tax

You will be shocked to know that in the German city of Bonn the authorities have installed a “sex tax” meter for 200 prostitutes working in that area. Although, the “sex tax” is merely 6 Euro but the authorities are expecting to earn additional revenue of 200,000 Euros a year. What’s more shocking that these prostitutes even get a receipt after paying the Bonn “sex tax”. Haven’t you read earlier that “sex sells like no other thing”.

Russia’s Most Fertile Lady In The World

As per a study Finnish and Russians are the least happy people with their sex lives. Still, a women in Russia gave birth to more that 69 children in her lifetime. She gave birth to 7 sets of triplets, 16 pairs of twins and 4 sets of quadruplets. She is named as the most fertile lady in the world with a world record of giving birth to 69 children.

Alabama (USA) Sex Toy Ban

In United States, Alabama has banned the sale of sex toys, or any items which can generate sexual stimulation. We all know how free thinking country like America is has numerous stores selling sex toys but the governor of Alabama thinks otherwise with his prudish decision of banning toys which can generate sexual stimulation.

Japan’s Body Sushi

Japanese body Sushi is one of the most popular thing in Japan. Body Sushi revolves around naked female models who are trained to lie still for hours. These female naked model’s bodies are used as a serving plate to serve food. They lie still while the food is eaten from the bodies. Many sushi restaurant owners have taken it to next level where they present female, sometime male models decorated or painted as per season or festive occasion. “Sushi should keep you full and delighted” that’s the primary motto.

Most Sexually Active People In The World

No points for guessing that American’s are the “most sexually active people in the world”. As per survey, average Americans have sex more than 132 times a year. The second coveted spot goes to Russian’s who have sex 122 times a year. French’s are having sex 121 times a year while Greek’s have sex 115 times a year. This bizarre study also shows China, Japan and Malaysia with the lowest sexual frequencies.

Prevent Ejaculation To Retain Sexual Energy In China

As per Taoism, one should prevent ejaculation to retain sexual energy. This sexual energy can enhance one’s life so they practice it wisely. They also believe in having many sexual partners to harness the beneficial sexual energy released by women during sex.

Japanese Annual Fertility Festival

You will be shocked to know that Japan celebrated an annual fertility festival to celebrate penis. No points for guessing Japanese people’s fascination with penis. They even went ahead to create the world record for having biggest orgy ever. In this festival more than 250 men and women had sex in a warehouse at the same time. Later, they even went ahead to release the DVD of this celebration.

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