Top 10 Tips for a Successful Courtship

Successful Courtship: Do you know all about it? Courtship is the bridge you have to climb before you say your ‘I dos’. Courtship’s are not just limited to love marriages but even applicable to arranged marriages.  A courtship can be vital which helps both the partners to explore each other, understand different aspects of their lives, likings, disliking, hobbies, nature and most importantly knowing the person you are about to marry to his/her 100% without the pressure of marital status.

Often courtship’s can form the dearest memorabilia for couples and a story to tell their grandchildren. Also, it can lay down a solid foundation for the couple which can eventually lead to a successful married life. Are you contemplating a courtship? or are at the ceremonial line of one? Here the top 10 tips for a successful courtship. By all means you can seduce your partner in a mental, emotional and physical way.

10 Successful Courtship Tips

Following are some rules for successful courtship, few people might not agree with these tips for successful courtship, but in long term these courtship tips will really prove vital.

Know the Person You Want To Marry

By this rule we mean, know who you want to marry and only indulge in successful courtship with that person. If you are still thinking about a fling or do not want to give it a shot with a prospective groom or bride brought forward say no rather than quitting half way.

The First Impression

Take care with this physical appearances and take care to not step on someone’s toes by saying something. This one can last a life time and you want to remember and cherish it together.

Do Not Hurry In To Intimacy

Everything has its time. Emotional as well as physically, it can take a while before you open up or want to be together. If you were to ask us a question, we would say emotional should come before physical but that may not always happen in the order.


Important – Important, in talks, thoughts, things, feelings. Sharing and communicating is what forms the rock of your relationship. You don’t want to go a mile before erecting this one.


This is an important one. An art, it can stroke some fire in the courtship and keep it from going dull.

Voice Your Opinion

Who are you and how do you think? This is likely to happen when you talk but if you had initially taken care of not saying a few things, do show your personality or the other person may be confused at who are after marriage.

Take Up Any Lingering Issues

You may have talked, communicated how you feel, you are now a solid with each other. Sometimes there are things that cannot be said at the very beginning and require a trust to be formed. Rather than bring out any lingering issues after married, face the tough waters if you must tell each other something.


Wine and dine each other as much as you like. A courtship should not be dull. If you need to make things larger than life to enjoy doing so as no one will blame you. This is vital for successful courtship.

Think a Loud About the Future

We suggest this so that you can know what the things you both want are. Thinking out loud will tell you what you want and what the other person may not want. A courtship can give you both time to adjust and think over what you want together.

Give Each Other Space

The good thing about a courtship is that you are not yet staying together. While physical space is necessary, make sure you give each other mental and emotional space too. For a lot of couples today, living in before is an option. To make it work, giving each other space is necessary.

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