In the world of dating, it’s safe to say that it’s not as easy as some people might think. You have to go through all the trouble and effort of looking nice and being on your best behavior only to go on dates that seemingly came from the bottomless pits of Hell! So, whether you choose to look at dating as a glass half full or half empty, the trials and tribulations one can experience during the dating process are totally worth it once you finally find your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

When it comes to the wonderful world of love, people have all kinds of superstitions and beliefs. Some people believe in fate and destiny, while others knew they would marry a person at first glance of them. You just never know… Cupid’s arrow could hit you at any moment whether you like it or not!

Don’t Be Afraid… It’s Just Love: Philophobia

We’ve all heard of the many different phobias… The fear of spiders is arachnophobia, the fear of flying is aerophobia, and the fear of confined spaces is claustrophobia. Did you know that there was such a thing as having a fear of falling in love? The fear of falling in love is called philophobia.

You are probably wondering how in the world could something as beautiful as love be the very thing that people fear the most. Well, according to, Philophobia has close similarities and connections with Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder (DSED).

DSED is a condition that makes it hard for individuals to form meaningful relationships and connections with others. This condition is usually connected with a traumatic experience that occurred during their adolescent years.

What’s Your Love Story?

Whether you’re a firm believer in love at first sight or know in your heart that the love gods will bless you with your soulmate one day, there’s no denying the fact that love is a beautiful thing. We’re going to take a look at some of the unique ways that some people fall head-over-heels in love with each other.

Not knowing how it will happen for you is part of what makes love so exciting! Take a look at the stories of two couples who found love unexpectedly, in the strangest of ways.

“I Knew I Loved You When You Answered My Call”

We all know the seriousness of workplace relationships and fraternization, right? Most people do. Well, what if you met your soulmate while at work, but didn’t work with them… you worked for them?

Michael and Liz made their connection over a technical support phone call. Michael worked in the IT department for a cable company and Liz needed technical support setting up the router in her home. Upon talking to Michael on the phone, they immediately made a connection (in spite of all the technical jargon).

Michael knew the consequences he could suffer from his next action but in the name of love, he was willing to take that risk. Michael went against his company policies and contacted Liz after business hours. He initially tried to make it seem like he was just doing a   call to see how her router was working, but the conversation led to a date.

They soon formed a long distance relationship over the phone and eventually met up for their first real date. After that first date, they were inseparable. Falling in love with someone’s voice is a real thing!

“This is Just Strictly Sex, Okay? No Strings Attached”

Ken was a bachelor that had been single for a few years, by choice. He’s been on dates but every woman he was with wanted a serious relationship from him and he didn’t want that. He would make his intentions known up front to the women he’d date and they would say that they were okay with it. But after consistently engaging in casual sex with these women, they’d give him an ultimatum of committing to something serious or nothing at all. That was Ken’s cue to leave.

It’s not that he was afraid of commitment, he just didn’t want a relationship at that point in time. So he decided to check out one of those dating apps where you can set up an actual date for sex. He knew that by doing this, there was a guarantee of no one catching feelings.

Well, there was one particular lady on the app that he took a liking to and chose her for every sexual encounter. As it turns out, Ken became the one falling for her. Believe it or not, Ken ended up falling in love with “Butterfly22” also known as Laura. That just goes to show you that no matter how hard you try to resist the power of love, there’s no escaping it… no matter how outlandish your circumstances may be.