Marriage is a union of souls and it remains one of the most important and difficult decisions of our lives. A strong and healthy relationship takes time to nurture and requires a concentrated effort from both parties to make it a success. There will remain days when you have arguments, there will be days when you hardly get time spend some quality time with each other. This, however in no way means that you stop taking efforts to renew that old loving spark in your relationship.

Every lady ought to surprise her man every once in a while. Sometimes taking little efforts is all you need to do and small surprises are definitely the way to go about it. In this post we look at 10 unique ways you can surprise your husband:

Writing a Note

Writing a note is always an exciting thing to do. Take a cue and make some exciting notes for your hubby. You can make use of colorful papers or sketch pens and leave sexy and romantic notes for him in the things he makes use of every day like his coat liner, wallet or his pants for that matter. He is definitely bound to appreciate this gesture.

Gift him a Day

Your husband is always helping you out with house chores, dropping the kids at school or getting groceries for home. This time around, make a plan to gift him a day and make sure that he does everything that he loves to for an entire day. This could be something as simple as watching his favorite sitcom, an afternoon of golf, a spa session followed by a late night romantic dinner. Try and write down as many things you can on this list and go do them all.

A Surprise Lunch

How about surprising your husband for a day and not packing it for him? Well, you might get scorned looks for it but you can then totally make it up to him by surprising him at his workplace and taking him out to his favorite place for lunch. If the place is farby then consider getting a takeout on the way and enjoy a quality lunch with him.

A Surprise Getaway

In our hectic daily lives we sometimes need an escapade in order to unwind. How about this time you plan a little surprise for him with a surprise getaway? A secret getaway just for the two of you to a new place is something that will definitely help break routine and add spice to your married life.

A Guy’s Night Out

Arrange a guy’s night out for your husband along with his friends. You can set this up at our place and take leave for the night and leave him to his devices along with his friends. A weekend game with buddies along with some drink afterwards will certainly earn you kudos point as wifey.

A Surprise Dinner

Nothing is better than coming home to find a surprise dinner date kept ready for you by your better half. Make sure your husband comes home early from work that day and prepare some romantic recipes. Set the home with some candles, light music and a bottle of wine. He will certainly be taken aback by this gesture of yours.

An Out of the Blue Gift

You don’t always necessarily need to gift on birthdays. This time around plan a surprise gift for him like getting his favorite football jersey for the season, his favorite wine or a new gadget. The gift doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.

A Live Show

Well, nothing beats mundane like a live show of your spouse’s favorite musician or comedian or a big game of the season that he is looking forward to. You can arrange for tickets and surprise him out of the blue with a ticket to his favorite rock band that has come to town or a simple live comedy show that you can go together for.

Repair his Old Stuff

This could be as easy as pleating his old favorite jeans from college, bookbinding his old favorite books or getting his old cycle repaired. A small gesture he will definitely be surprised to get

A Love Trail

Your married life doesn’t have to be boring. Surprise him this time around with a love trail wherein he has to make your way to you in your house. You can start this by leaving small clues along the way. Your love trail can end at home with a special “us” time together or lead his way to a bar or restaurant of your choice.

So there we have the 10 different and unique ways you can surprise your husband. Get planning.