How Vital is to know the difference between infatuation, love and lust? Women often fail to understand the feelings although they are more mature than their male counterparts in terms of feelings and emotions.

There is no simple formula to interpret someone’s feelings towards you still there are certain ways which can help you know the difference between infatuation, love and lust. Understanding the difference between infatuation, love or lust is vital otherwise you may feel dejected when it’s over.

If you are feeling for someone but also feeling perplexed about his mixed reactions at times, worrying about what he might be thinking then the following tips will help you understand the difference between infatuation, love and lust.

  1. Since old days women/girl use to write their feeling towards a guy on paper these things could be romantic walk, holding hands, arguing on silly topics, love, butterflies, anger, flirt etc.
  2. Now, you have listed all the feelings on paper; simply mark these emotions with different colors. E.g. Red for lust, yellow for infatuation and green for Love. The colors can be different but the most vital part is to be able to visually differentiate which color (feeling) is dominating the page. Typically, you can mark the difference here only but if you are still confused follow further steps.
  3. It would be wise to take an opinion about your boy friend from an utter stranger and listen to what he/she has to say about your man. Honest opinion is what you need so think wisely and if possible let the stranger know about your relationship and ask his honest opinion. He/she got nothing to do with both of you so he/she can suggest stuff without taking sides.
  4. Watch romantic movies which can sometime tell you the difference between these three emotions e.g {Cruel Intentions – Lust}, {Titanic, Down to You – Love} and {The Phantom of the Opera – Some parts of Infatuation}. Remember movies are always inspired by the people’s thought so they can give you fair amount of idea about these feelings.
  5. “Love is what is shown in movies” – Incorrect, when you are in love it doesn’t matter that you spruce up properly just to be with him but what’s important is to be with each other and enjoy every second of life. Love is not about taking but it’s about giving so do not expect everything from.

I think if you think wisely and take honest opinion from a complete stranger you will be able to differentiate between infatuation, love and lust. If it’s all about lust then you know what to do (simply call it off). If you know that it is infatuation then give it sometime and see if the feelings are still that strong like before. If it is love then wait no further and express yourself.

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  • Joe9785hh

    “Watch romantic movies which can sometime tell you the difference between these three emotions” No do that if you want to mistake hollywood fantasy for love , and can’t even do any soul searching on the matter. Lots of wise things have been written for thousands of years on love. Personally I think the buddhists have it right when they say love is compassion , and concern for an others happiness contentment and well being that is as important to you as your own. It is not how you think a person makes you feel. this is selfishness. It is lust /infatuation perhaps but never love unless it is selfless (ie not about you and your feelings, happiness, desires and so on. Example: If you started feeling attracted, fluttery, passionate towards another man would you tell your self you no longer loved your current man ? Do the feelings , wants , hopes needs , and desires of your current man come foremost to your mind in this instance ? If not guess what you never loved your current man and you don’t love this other one either. You are experiencing the other two emotions and calling them love. Then you may claim to follow your heart ( this is the movies presentation of selfishly obeying whatever fickle whim strikes your current fancy) This is the problem. Most love stories in movies focus on passion , lust and infatuation the most exciting but selfish and marketable components that accompany romantic love. At it’s core love in the same unconditional concern and compassion you have for your brother, sister, grandparents or best friends. Do you have to color code thoughts that come to mind to decide if you love your parents or is caring about them something you decide to do , how you decide to act towards them and regard them ? Love is a way of treating another person and all you can do is love another. You love them. You can love them even if they don’t love back but the really good feelings you get from being in love come from the fact they are loving you unconditionally and the satisfaction that you are enriching them by loving them unconditionally. If you go by the fairytale movie version of love you will be enslaved by fickle moods and fleeting emotions actually which arise and ebb and flow with real love but are never actually the foundation or source. Relationships will seem to lose passion when the initial hormones and excitement ware off, and rather than renewing these feelings in a more subtile gentle way you will be disappointed lament the inexplicable loss your feeling in love with a person and feeling you fell out of love after a few years at most, you search again for more fantasy. You may not recognize when someone is truly loving you and might not know how to truly love a partner. This is the result of movie love. Remember movies are based on thoughts need drama and are contrived they are not reality. When something is an entertaining thought that is not based in reality we call this a fantasy. Looking to fantasy to guide our actually loves will result in disaster. Think of it this way. Would you tell a person joining the police force that if they wanted to know how to be a police officer that they should emulate bruce willis in the movie die hard ? No the results would be tragic in real life. Guess what happen when you tell a women enter into relationships , marriages , family and mother hood to emulate romance movies in order to know how to think and behave ? In real life the results are often broken hearts and ruined lives. I’m really not sure many women understand emotions. Emotions are tools to help you. They should give you motivation and insight but ultimately do your bidding. You are the master of your emotions not the other way around. Your perspective on a thing or situation will determine how you feel about it. If your perception of something is inaccurate, incomplete, false or distorted (your and your mans idea of love for example) then your emotions will lead you astray and run you in circles. They do not think or guide you in the right direction automatically and the less you know what you want and need , what is right and best for you and others close to you and how you should feel about your actions and circumstances the less help full and the more random your emotions will be.