Statistically, 14 to 15 million people in the United States claim to be in a long-distance relationship. Although many find themselves in these relationships, those involved know the unique challenges they entail. From not getting to see their partner as much as they’d like to fears of cheating, loving someone from afar can require special work.

Even for those who aren’t in long-distance relationships have their fair share of complications. Research shows that 25% of couples are in “distressing” relationships. Add distance to that equation, and the situation can be even more woeful.

That said, if you’re loving someone long-distance, considering the following tips to ensure the most successful relationship possible.

Amp up your communication

Communication is the most important part of a relationship, no doubt. But it’s even more critical in a relationship where partners are unable to see one another in person for long periods of time.

Being mindful of time differences; engaging in regular calling, texting, or e-mailing; and working on forming a healthy communication style is imperative in long-distance relationships. The use of emojis, memes, digital stickers, photos, and videos are also vital to help demystify any confusion or ambiguity in your written words.

In addition, switching up the method of communication every now and then can help keep things fresh, like, for instance, messaging each other on Facebook versus texting.

Play games online together

A great way to have fun with one another without seeing each other’s faces is to play online games with one another. From multiplayer phone games like PUBG to interacting with one another via an online metaverse like IMVU, there are many options to pick from.

Video chat with one another

Talking on the phone is important for long-distant couples. Hearing one another’s voices makes a world of difference compared to written words. But to take things up a notch further, it’s a good idea to video chat. Not only does this verify that the person you’re talking to is truly who you think, but it can build a stronger bonding experience.

Go on virtual dates

As a long-distant couple, you may not have the luxury of going on physical dates, perhaps at all. Thanks to the Internet, dates are still possible. Examples of virtual dates include watching a movie or video together online, eating together while video chatting, or even getting crafty together and then sharing the finished product via photo or video.

Send goodies in the mail

You may not be able to touch your partner often or even at all at this point. The next closest thing? Sending stuff in the mail. Relationships aren’t all about gifts. However, sometimes it’s the little things that are the most sentimental: postcards, hand-written letters, physical photographs, or even a shirt with your perfume or cologne.

Take things the next step

Everyone knows trust and commitment take time to build. However, sometimes the best move for a long-distance couple is to make that commitment a little sooner. It shows that both partners are serious about one another, and it helps remind one another what the end goal of the relationship is.

If you’re looking forward to taking the next step in your long-distant relationship, you can start by looking at diamond engagement rings you’ll love online.


Long-distance relationships present unique challenges, but fortunately, they’re not impossible. Trying the latter things in your own long-distant relationship won’t guarantee long-term success. However, they can certainly improve aspects of your relationship and may aid with the complications that are common in these types of relationships.