You have been together for years, said “I love you,” and want to move the relationship forward. The next step is to move in together. Moving in with a guy is the time when you get to see them for what they are, and vice versa. In the beginning, it seems like unbridled lust and happiness rolled into one, but it isn’t that easy. Couples often find that living together is a stumbling block in their relationship, and it causes problems. To avoid the common issues, these are the things every person should understand. Remember, moving in together is an art form.

Don’t Take It Lightly

“Yeah, we’re going to get a place because it’s no big deal.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s a massive deal. Aside from interacting with that person every day, it is the last step before marriage. Everything says that living together is a significant milestone, so don’t treat it with disrespect. The key is to realise that it will be scary and exciting at the same time. Like all relationships, you will suffer ups and downs, but deal with them one at a time. Whatever you do, don’t assume it will be a breeze because that ain’t going to happen.

Be Ready To Compromise

It makes sense that couples argue when they come together in one house or apartment. Living alone is easy because you only have to worry about number one. As soon as you add another person, it is essential to think about their needs, too. With this in mind, don’t underestimate the value of compromising. They want to bring their mattress and you want yours, so why not buy a new one? You can read here for more info on a quality bed. They want to paint the room red and you want it blue, but what’s wrong with crème? By finding the middle ground, you’ll have less to argue about in the long-term.

Remember Romance

In the beginning, it’s all about tearing off clothes and breakfast in bed. As the novelty wears off, the romance can dwindle. A great tip is to keep the spark alive for as long as possible. Sure, the raw sexual energy might not be the same any longer, but that doesn’t mean a surprise is no longer on the cards. A note in their lunch or a ticket to a game is enough to remind them why you’re a catch. More importantly, if you set the tone, they will follow. Keeping the romance alive makes it easier to deal with their annoying habits.

Find Time For #1

Probably the most important tip is to get alone time. No, this isn’t a euphemism! It literally means you need to spend time away from your partner. Firstly, spending every minute together gets annoying after a while. Before you know it, they will start to grate on you and the idea of living together won’t be as appealing. Plus, time apart makes the heart grow fonder according to the saying. By being independent, it heightens the feeling of love when you do reconnect.

Congratulations on moving forward and good luck. Living together is a special time in a couple’s relationship.