doubt_manWhen it comes  to define love, men and women are pole apart. Women are highly effective and efficient in expressing themselves, but men are always  on a backseat and expressing themselves is considered as weakness in mens and thus it  hurt their false ego. You keep on struggling with yourself whether he loves you or not, and more you think the more you find yourself in a confused state, leaving you with irritation and frustration which finally effects the relation. The best way to have a healthy relationship is too have open communication without doubts.

If there is doubt, then there is a trust issue.

To remove doubt, you need to have trust.

To achieve trust, you must have HONEST communication and positive actions on both sides.

Give your best to the relationship . Be honest and tactful. Just develop faith in yourself and him. Show him that he is the best thing in your life, your believe and love in him will bring him to you. Certain habits in men’s do hurt their women, but that necessarily is not a sign of reduced love. Here are certain  tips between the sheets to help you :

– We Check Out Other Women , But still Love You …. Really !

Most women find it almost impossible to forgive  their man if he’s caught checking out another woman. What follows is a spate of arguments and bombardments of  Is she hot than me Kind of questions. But, That doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with you. Men are given to take a note of woman’s presence, keeping all fantasies aside.  It definitely doesn’t mean that he is planning to cheat on you. First things first. Your man does love you, or he wouldn’t have bothered to stick around in the first place. It takes a  few years ( or even decades for some )  to leave the commitment phobia behind. Most men can’t help thinking about how many women they  could have dated in due course of time.

– Earning Money Makes Us Feel Important

Yes, women are the forefront or every field. But, let’s face it , we still try to hold on to our shallow ego. Women may be earning enough to manage the entire household, but that doesn’t stop us from acting like the provider. It makes us feel worthwhile and perhaps even boost that false ego.

– We Like Being Pampered To Death , Ocassionally

Men hardly ever get over the pampering they receive from their respective mothers. Men may act like the protector , but they also love being protected rather subtly.

– Give Us Some Space And You Will Have Us Forever

Just like women, men also appreciate being accepted as they are. If women allow them the weekly booze plan and understand their panic attacks if someone touches their car, they will happily stick around for the rest of their life.

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