Having a friend up on all the latest fashions can make it exhausting trying to find the right gift. Instead of traipsing through malls looking for chic, trending clothes, consider impressive home gifts your friend will adore.

When you choose household gifts, you don’t have to worry about how to pair a blouse with pants or the quality of the fabric. Another concern with a fashion-forward friend is trying to decide on color trends and tones.

Are you ready to leave the fashion shopping to your friend and think about a home gift idea instead?

Read more about timeless gifts for the home that your friend will love.

7 of the Best Home Gifts

Choosing gifts for the home gives you so many options from practical, vintage or artsy. You can find them in your favorite shopping malls or online sites, such as Dealwiki.

Here are seven of the home décor gift ideas trending today:

1. Custom Framed Maps

Custom framed maps can display your friend’s family name and the state where he or she grew up. Another idea is a pushpin adventure map for a traveling friend. The pushpins show all the travel destinations your friend visited or hopes to visit.

2. Swirling Marble Cheese Board

This household gift is practical and gorgeous. When you give this cheese board as a gift, you’ll know that it will get a lot of use. Every time your friend has a get-together and serves cheese and wine, you’ll be remembered for the lovely gift you gave.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps not only look incredible, but they also have many health benefits. The lamps provide natural lighting from salts. This improves air quality, which is beneficial to allergy and asthma sufferers. These lamps also improve mood and help you sleep better.

4. Electronic Picture Frame

Your friend can showcase all his or her photos in an electronic picture frame instead of leaving them in a phone or hard drive. The photos automatically change every few seconds. You can set how long you want them to display.

These are great for parties, holidays or special events to show themed photos of life’s journeys.

5. Wine Cooler

If your friend is a wine connoisseur, a wine cooler is a perfect gift. It’s important to have a stable temperature for the best-tasting wine. A wine cooler also provides storage space for your friend’s favorite vintages.

6. Wooden Closet System

Your friend most likely needs extra space for his or her fashion-forward clothes. This is when a wooden closet system can save the day. These attractive closet organizers give more room for clothes, shoes and accessories. Your friend can reduce clutter, find clothes easier and save space.

7. Herb Garden

Even if your friend doesn’t have room for an outdoor garden, an indoor herb garden will fit the bill. Your gift can give healthy herbs full of vitamins, antioxidants and add flavor to all your friend’s recipes. 

Forget the Clothes

Forget the stress of finding your friend the perfect outfit. You’ll have more fun and less anxiety shopping for home gifts. No matter what your friend’s home décor, you can find a household gift he or she will be crazy about. Read more articles about stylish and trendy fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more.