School is in full swing, and prom will be here before we know it. Start thinking about what kind of prom dress you want early. That way you’ll be ready to shop, and the dress you want won’t be sold out when it’s time. There are plenty of dresses out there in a lot of different styles from long to short, one-piece or two-piece.

While prom & evening dress shopping is exciting and fun, it can also be overwhelming. Things like your skin color, hairstyle, or your prom’s theme matter when trying to find the right dress. Follow some of these tips for choosing the perfect prom dress for you.

The Right Color

You can find prom dresses in any color you want, but the color you choose should depend on the season, time, location, and theme of your school’s prom. You should also make sure you select a dress to compliment your shape and skin tone so that you look good and feel confident.

Blue, purple, and green look great on women with red hair, while blue, red, pastel, and bold colors look great on blondes. Brunettes are lucky because they look fantastic in any color. Fair skin looks washed out in yellow and orange but dark complexions will glow in these colors.

You want to feel pretty and look good but think about wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear and go outside of your comfort zone a bit. Don’t be afraid to pick a bold, attention-grabbing color. Prom only comes around once a year, and you have limited opportunities to attend. You’ll never know what looks great on you until you try it.

The Right Style

The actual dance isn’t your only consideration when it comes to style. You may be going out to dinner beforehand or going to a party afterward. Think about these events when choosing a style. You want something that isn’t too tight if you want to eat or dance comfortably.

However, if you don’t plan to move around a lot, straps aren’t necessary. Mermaid dresses and form-fitting styles like sheath dresses are also good options. Busty ladies and petite frames look great in dresses with a corset feature because it adds support.

Many strapless dresses come with optional straps. These are versatile because you can wear them over the shoulder, like a halter, or across the back. You can wear it more than once, and no one will even know it’s the same dress.

Sweetheart necklines are timeless, as are plunging vees. They’re elegant and lovely. As long as you feel comfortable and you accentuate the features you love about yourself, you can wear anything at all.


Many prom dances have themes like “Under the Stars” or “Under the Sea.” These types of themes are fun to coordinate because you have so many options. Midnight blue and black go well with a starry night theme. Add sequins and rhinestones, and you’ll sparkle like the night sky. Choose a mermaid gown in any color for your saltwater adventure.

Extravagant beads, colorful prints, tulle layers, and pleats all work well for a Mardi Gras theme while fringes, sequins, and satin fit in with a 1920s or Great Gatsby theme. Be creative and embrace the fun. You can start your own trend or stick with the theme.

Current Trends

Trends don’t stay the same for very long. Classics are always in style, so if you want something you can wear more than once, stick with a color that looks great with your hair and skin, and choose a sweetheart or simple style.

New styles disappear as quickly as they grace the social scenes or the runway, so what’s popular now won’t be popular in the spring. Use these changes to your advantage. You can mix old with new for a style of your own that stands out. While your perfect prom dress will depend on your body type and coloring, you have the opportunity to explore many different options and find what you like the best. Even though the styles aren’t static, eclectic fashion is in, so be brave and embrace your uniqueness.