Body piercing has become a fashion statement which is attracting young girls to get their body punctured or cut just to accommodate cool jewelry on their bodies. Although, body piercing is not a new rage; tribal culture is still following ear, nose or mouth piercing from ages.

Body Piercing – Should You or Shouldn’t You? We would not stop you from giving in to the temptation to go for body piercing but before you do so, we ask you to consider it with all good and bad possibilities. In fact, if the piercing is done by an beginner there are high chances of infections, allergic reactions, excessive bleeding, nerve damage or cross-contamination.

Though fascinating, it can go from the ‘Aha’ feeling to ‘Ouch’. We will list down the pros and cons of body piercing and let you decide for yourself.

The ‘Aha’ Factor of Body Piercing

There are various types of body piercings, all of which cater to different fancies. You may want to adorn your ear lobe with more than one earring or wear a colourful stud in your nose. Both of these are the most common form of piercing in women and also men in most cultures. Among other things, navel piercing or belly piercing is a hit among women who want to reveal their waist with a sparkling, pretty piece of body jewelry. Also, facial piercings have been made hot property by singers and rock stars like Christina Aguilera with her labret piercing, Scary Spice from the Spice Girls with her tongue piercing, Fergie with her eyebrow piercing. It is a favorite with fans of piercing to project a dangerous risqué image. The daring side of piercing has seen genital piercing or nipple piercing, an erotic way of wearing body jewelry and scientific studies show that they help arouse a woman either way by just wearing jewelry in intimate places or by the friction that it causes. They are a new twist to female body piercing but the trend is also seen with men. In all and all, the market caters to a variety of body piercing jewelry, if you really wish to get a piercing, look for your ideal piece of jewelry to wear.

The ‘Ouch’ Side of Body Piercing

Time for reality check! Nothing not said before, we all know skin is essentially sensitive to play around with. Body piercing, a form of body modification punctures or cut through skin to make space for your choice of body jewelry like rings, studs, shields, cuffs. The primary requirement would be for you to choose a pro to do the job in hygiene salon. Most of the time piercings can turn ugly if not done properly or not taking care with. In case of a navel piercing, take care with what you wear, which also applies for genital piercings. You don’t want it to get uncomfortable and painful as friction with clothing or a tug by accident can leave you regretting. People who have tried tattooing and had a bad experience may not bear well with piercing as well. To think, the main thing to keep in mind is that body piercing of any time can leave a scar for life which is a big concern if you are planning for any face piercing. So, until and unless you do not find yourself ok with it, do not get one done.

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