These days many celebrities, models and even socialites are sporting asymmetrical necklines to suit their persona. So what the heck is an asymmetrical neckline clothes? Well, you have to see Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Rihanna or Drew Barrymore and focus on their latest dresses.

One thing which you will notice is how gracefully they are carrying themselves with these designer asymmetrical neckline dresses. These dresses shows one their bare sexy shoulder and the other one is covered with the strap or dress linen.

Famous fashion designers have always come up with a wide range of these designers clothing in order to lure classy people as these dresses are costly. Just because celebrities are sporting these designers clothing on red carpet there is a huge demand of these necklines.

There are various other patterns too which are highly influenced by these designs like mini dresses, maxi’s one shoulder straps etc. Surely these designs are winning hearts and here to stay. You may hesitate to try in once but after that there is no looking back that’s guaranteed.

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