Tennis shoes are an integral part of any tennis sportsman or women. Tennis players know the importance of tennis shoes as these shoes improves the balance, grip required in the game. A nice pair of tennis shoes can improve the game by providing firm grip and traction whereas ordinary shoes might not be comfortable to offer such firm grip which is required to balance the moving body. No doubt tennis shoes can’t be neglected and are a must in the game of tennis.

Requirement of every game is different as golf might need different shoe measures than tennis where lots of jumps, hard impacts will be there. If we peek through the tennis history we will notice that first tennis shoes had rubber soles which used to offer firm grip and were quite noiseless for better concentration. For some reasons these tennis shoes were not very popular initially but became extremely popular after World War I. US started promoting these shoes in order to display patriotism or big shoe manufacturers might have helped the government in terms of finance. Chuck Taylor and Jim Thorpe was the first amongst those who can claim the popularity of tennis shoes.

Later with the increasing popularity of tennis shoes most of the manufacturers have joined the club and started making these shoes. With the increasing popularity of the game and champions tennis shoes have seen a drastic change in terms of design, style, material and safety measures. Gone are the days when rubber soles were enough to play the game. Now, these tennis shoes have shock resistance, extra cushion for comfort and spikes for better traction and control.

If you are about to buy tennis shoes then there are few things which you should consider before buying. First and foremost check the comfort by walking properly inside the store and it would be wise if you wear both the shoes to test the comfort. Wear the socks you intend to wear for the game which will give you the clear idea of how it will feel when you are out playing. Jump once or twice to see how effective is the shock resistance measures followed in the tennis shoes of your choice. Check the weight and decide how light weighted these shoes are. Remember while playing you should concentrate on the game and not on your shoes so make sure that you choose extremely light weight shoes. Choose colors which matches with your complexion, dress and body type.

Addidas, Fila and Nike are the most reputed tennis shoe brands which are available worldwide but their shoes are bit expensive. Buying these shoes is a wise decision as they have proven track record and many big tennis players are using and endorsing these shoes.

You can get a good deal on eBay and other bargain sites where you can bid or place order online. Make sure you have the shoe size handy before buying. Please leave me a comment and share your experiences of buying and using tennis shoes. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates on women’s footwear.