Have you ever wondered how to choose perfect shoes which matches with your style and persona? Answer is both simple and complex. In order to choose perfect shoes you need to understand few facts which are vital in understanding the basics and setting style statement right.

Every year designers and big shoe brands showcase their latest collection to all fashion aficionados which remains in style for a season or year. This is also known as the era of fashion shoes which are trendy for that particular season. Most of the fashion enthusiasts represent themselves with fashionable shoes, sneakers, sandals, high heels or even flats offered by these big names.

Those who can afford always look for latest fashionable designer shoes to keep a pace with the fashion industry regardless of the price tag attached with those super expensive footwear’s. Fashion industry launch their shoe lines in fall, summer, spring and winter and people just buy their designer shoes in order to remain trendy and keep up with the pace without even realizing whether the shoes they are buying at such high prices would look good with the dresses they wear or not.

You would not choose a designer dress if it does not match with your body type then why would you choose designer shoes which doesn’t match with your foot shape and leg form. You need to understand your height and weight before selection shoes. The emphasis should mainly be your legs. If you wear high heels then your legs will look longer giving you a taller look but if you are already tall then you might not need high heels. If you choose high heels you will look awkwardly tall which will eventually ruin your impression.

Best way of choosing shoes is to wear them and look at yourself and answer questions like whether these shoes are looking good, whether my height is looking okay or not, whether these shoes will match with the dress I am intended to wear.

Next time when you go out shopping make sure you answer these questions and choose a nice pair of shoes which are not only stylish but looks good on your foot and body.

Please leave me a comment and share your experiences of wearing and choosing stylish shoes depending upon your foot type.