If you use your usual pairs of shoe for running chances are that you might feel pain or strong discomfort. Normal pair of shoes is not made for running or fast jogging they are meant for walking only. But people use them as they do not want to spend on costly running shoes. They face the problem in justifying the high prices of specific running shoes of best brands.

Although, running shoes are bit costlier than normal shoes still they are specially designed to fit the running, fast jogging needs. They help in preventing knee injuries, hip problems, foot problems or even serious shin issues. So, in longer term these shoes prevent many problems which may arise by using normal shoes. If you use running shoes you won’t end up paying more on medicines and doctors. This clearly shows that opting for running shoes is a wise bet.

Choosing best running shoes is a tricky situation though, because market is filled with the variety of different brands, colors, features and price ranges. It is ideal to choose a shoe brand which you have used in the past because you are aware about the positives and negatives of that particular brand still the temptation of purchasing online or from Sale remains. In order to choose best running shoes here are few points which will help you in understanding the basic requirements.

  1. Pronation: Pronation helps in reducing the stress caused by shoes impact on the surface. A shoe with neutral pronation which hits the outside of the heel up to the foot evenly across the front is best.
  2. Use a wet test to decide your arch height. Testing is simple; just wet the bottom of footstand on a paper and then move away. Measure the imprint left by your foot.
  3. Shop in afternoon is considered best as this is the time when your feet are their largest.
  4. Your old shoes will help the salesperson in determining the pronation and he will help you in choosing a correct one.
  5. It is wise to buy socks you will wear while running. Moreover, if you use orthotics then bring them to the store to see if it fits to the shoe.
  6. Buying latest, fancy running shoe won’t be a good idea as they may or may not suit you.

Once you are satisfied with the shoe you are about to buy just ensure that your shoe has the following mandatory comforting measures:

  1. Adequate room for your toe.
  2. Adequate room for the widest part of your foot.
  3. Heel of your foot is not sliding up or down while walking
  4. Your shoe is not irritating any part of your foot.
  5. Try running on a treadmill if the store has it to ensure comfort.

Now, you know what to buy and what works best, it’s time to start running and live a healthy life. I would love to hear your experiences of buying running shoes. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest women footwear updates.