To be a true style icon, your shoe game has to be on point.

Staying on top of footwear fashions is the best way to truly compete for a place in the fashion realm.

Here is a short and sweet compilation of the top 2019 shoe styles.

The Top Shoe Styles of 2019

We are seeing a slow shift from uber minimalistic palettes to more fun, bold prints as well as more chunky silhouettes. Some of the top shoe styles include block heels, animal prints, plastic details, fun textures, and chunky shoes.

Block Heels

Transitioning from the timeless and classy stiletto heel to a blocky heel is just one example of many more blocky silhouettes gaining popularity in 2019.

The block heel trend can be found in heels, boots, sandals, and more.

Animal Prints

Coupled with the bold neon trend found on 2019 runways, animal prints are a definite prominent trend expected to continue this year.

There are various animal prints to choose from including leopard, cheetah, snakeskin, alligator, and more. The key is finding a silhouette and color palette that works for you.

For more tips on making popular shoes work for you, check out our article on shoe selection.

Textured Footwear Fashions

Fur, feathers, and woven detailing are some of the spotlight textures for 2019’s footwear fashions.

Feathers and fur are an intimidating trend to incorporate. However, the average woman can utilize this trend by wearing shoes that use these textures as an accent rather than an encompassing material.

Woven details are much more forgiving in a shoe. Try woven sandals, loafers, mules, and booties to embrace this trend.

Chunky Shoes

Chunky fashion shoes are an adventurous trend, however, they’re super in. Taking on this trend requires confidence, careful outfit planning, and boldness.

Thankfully, clunky shoes can be found in a variety of styles to suit almost any personality and preference. Gucci Sneakers embrace this trend in their fashion-forward silhouettes.

Big flatform sandals are the perfect way for a boho gal to integrate the chunky shoe look. Paired with a light, flowy kimono, you can create an edgy, on-trend, and girly outfit.

Chunky sneakers, also known as the dad sneaker, are fitting for the quirky, athletic girl. Finding the right sneaker fit can provide a comfy, ergonomic-chic shoe.

Plastic Details

Plastic details were first seen in 2016 where they quickly became popularized. They provide a minimalistic look by accenting your own neutral skin. Their interesting, reflective texture adds interest to a normally bland outfit.

Plastic details can be seen on boots, heels, and sandals this season.

Just like with open-toed shoes, schedule a pedicure before wearing!

Fashionable Shoes to Up Your Wardrobe

Upgrade your closet with the footwear fashions like animal print, block heels, fun textures, chunky shoes, and plastic details.

We know — this year’s shoes in fashion are out there for the average woman. Whether you decide to go full force on these trends or take a more conservative approach, you’re sure to be on-trend and stylish. Every year, styles and trends shift. Keep up with them on our in-depth women’s lifestyle blog, Stylish & Trendy.