Street jazz dance is one of the art form which needs special sneakers. There are huge varieties of such kind of sneakers readily available in the market but it is not an easy job to find comfortable street jazz dance sneakers especially if you are new in the game. There are so many things to be taken care of when going to buy street jazz dance sneakers. Now, in this guide, I am going to give you some tips for buying perfect street jazz sneakers.

  • At first, decide the color of your sneakers. There are so many colours available in the market. You can select a complimentary color depending upon your dress. If you want to use your sneakers especially for street jazz dance then you must know what your partner going to wear for the dance. It is better to use neutral colours like black or white if you’ll be changing your costume frequently.
  • Street jazz sneakers should be lightweight for complete and rapid range of motion. So, it is good if you try each and every pair of street jazz sneaker for checking its weight. You should select a sneaker which feels lightest or shows the minimum weight on the box.
  • You should go for shoes with good medial and lateral support. A well-built sole and solid heel will keep you away from unnecessary injuries at the time street jazz dancing.
  • It is good to practice some basic moves while trying the shoes on. Feel for the spring provided from the soles. If you want to perform the demanding moves of street jazz dance, your feet require full help and for that a springy shoe is a step in the right direction.
  • Choose between a slip-on and lace-up shoes. While this may look like a style and comfort point, there are deeper implications considering your routine. You may be changing costumes that may lead you to have to quickly change out of your new shoes. If so, a slip-on model will offer you excellent speed of changing.

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