Have you noticed that the object at the center of our lives never changes? Of course, we’re talking about cell phones.

With the current technological revolution, the desire to personalize has grown. Since we use our phones every day, doesn’t it make sense they should be tailored to our personalities too? 

Ladies, it is time to throw phone monotony out the window. See below for the five hottest phone case styles in the tech world, happening right now!

#1 Textured Tech

As humans, we are innately drawn to hands-on experiences. Our phones, for example, are an object we touch every day. Shouldn’t we make our everyday item more fun to hold?

For the girl who loves pearls to the wild child, fur lover in us all, there are hundreds of exciting cases to choose from.

These cases are not only fun. They also protect our phones with all the excess material. Since phone are very slick by themselves, textured cases are an easy solution to the dilemma of constantly dropping of our phones.

From the popular nose case to the rhinestone Eiffel tower, these functional cases make gorgeous accessories for fashionistas and apparel novices alike.

#2 Meme Mania

With the rise of the meme has come the popularity of wearing our comedy. Some of the funniest and most creative cases out there are meme cases.

Whether you really love Nicholas Cage’s face or simply want to publicize a specific phrase, there are hundreds of cases for you to choose from.

Meme cases and stickers have become a huge part of pop culture and play a large role in the current communication revolution. For the comedians with a sense of style, look for a meme cover today.

#3 Seasonal Swaps

It’s no secret that the fashion world rolls out new trends every season, and it’s a scramble every year to keep your wardrobe updated. But did you know you can keep your phone case in season, too?

More and more celebs are starting to match their phone cases with their outfits. This means you might have a whole bunch of cases on hand, but it also means you’ll look chic with every outfit.

Whether you match your outfit-and-case ensemble based on trendy colors, like rose gold, or patterns like marble or plaid, you’ll be sure to look Instagram perfect every time.

Want to play a part? There are way more than 8 phone cases to match your cold-weather school style this winter.

#4 Fabulous Foods

With the creativity of personalized cases comes a way to take our favorite foods with us everywhere!

With a look good enough to eat, these delectable cases are perfect for anyone wishing to show off their quirky spirit on a classy platform.

These ravishing cases model anything from a chocolate bar to a piece of pizza. Regardless of your tastes, there is a food case out there just for you waiting to be shown off!

#5 Jamming Jewelry

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, lugging around our phones can be a hassle.

What do we do? Well, what if we wear it instead?

With so many options from online shopping, there are many ways to wear our phones in style. From purse cases to phone rings to knuckles cases, the sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, you can find it online.

The case on the rise would be the knuckles case. These four ringed phone sleeves allow you to wear your phone like a set of knuckles.

As a self-defense precaution and a chic statement piece, knuckles cases are perfect for any sense of style.

Happy Case Hunting!

From the more classic designs to the hottest trends, there are countless cases to help you keep up with the current trends of the tech world!