Men and women alike are often confused by what they should wear for a special event. Although it is easy to know what is considered proper attire on the job, for example, what about a family work event? What should be chosen for this type of occasion? It is time to clear up what is considered the right attire for different types of events. 


Review the invitation to determine what type of clothing is expected on the part of guests. If the event is to be held at the beach, a casual shirt by Bamboo Cay may be ideal. However, a more formal affair held at a church typically requires a suit and tie. Men find they can’t go wrong if they choose to wear a dark suit and white shirt together with a muted tie. If the event is a white tie, renting a tuxedo is acceptable as long as it won’t compete with what the groom is wearing. A tux in traditional colors is best at this time.

Work Events

Appropriate attire for a work event depends on what type of event is being held and where it will take place. For example, a family picnic typically calls for a pair of nice shorts and a casual shirt. In contrast, an evening out with co-workers may lead to a man wearing casual slacks and a shirt with a collar or a suit, depending on where dinner will be held. If there is any confusion regarding proper attire for the event, don’t hesitate to ask co-workers who may have taken part in similar events in the past. They can be of great help in determining what a male should wear for the occasion.


As with weddings, a dark suit is always appropriate for attending a graduation ceremony. Nevertheless, an event held outdoors may mean this type of clothing is simply too hot to wear. If the event is high school graduation, a collared shirt and nice slacks may be enough, but parents often want to dress nicely to show their pride in the child. A suit in a light or medium shade would be ideal for this situation or a fitted blazer.

First Date

As with work events, first date attire depends on what the date will consist of. Will the couple be going to a formal restaurant? If so, a suit is needed. A casual restaurant, in contrast, requires nothing more than nice pants and a shirt with a collar. If the first date will involve the couple going to a football game being played by their favorite team, jeans and a jersey or sweatshirt will likely be enough.


A funeral is not the time to show one’s fashion sense. In fact, guests should blend in at this time, so they don’t take the focus away from the deceased and his or her loved ones. Although a black suit is no longer a necessity for funerals, men should choose a suit in a dark shade along with a tie in a muted color. The objective is to pay respects to the person who has passed and offered condolences to loved ones. A man’s choice of attire should not distract from doing so. Knowing what is proper attire for a special event depends on many factors. Keep this in mind, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when choosing an outfit for any occasion. It’s always better to ask when you are unsure so you don’t look out of place when you arrive for the event.