A house not only serves as a structure of protection but also a space for resting and recharging. It is our very own sanctuary amidst the busy world we live in. It is the place wherein we revitalize energy for our body and invigorate creativity in our mind. It is important to always keep it full of positive and good vibes.

Being in a place full of good vibes can help you in a lot of ways. Amidst the negativity surrounding our modern life, a place teeming with good energy can help change our disposition on a positive note. It prevents us from being pessimistic and helps us stay grounded and generally healthy both physically and mentally. What better place can it be than the place where we spent most of our time – our home.

More than just a sprinkle of salt and putting up some spiritual ornaments, you can have a house full of good vibes by implementing some rules of Feng Shui. It’s been around since the dawn of Chinese civilization and is still being practiced by many. Maybe there is some truth to it, and there is no harm in trying.

Here are some ways to keep good vibes flowing in your house according to Feng Shui.

More Than Just Cleaning Up, Declutter

Feng Shui is about how you make proper use of the energy flowing around us. And it can get easily be ruined with a messy house. More than just simply cleaning up and sweeping your floor, you need to declutter your entire household. That means sweeping, cleaning and organizing.

It is important to keep your house organized because when it is not, energy stagnation can happen. So make sure you put away things, keep everything properly stored, deep clean and keep the dust away. More than just following the rules of Feng Shui, you will easily get a smile on your face when you see your place spick and span.

Hold Your Front Door

Yes, that was meant to be a tribute to the new season of Game of Thrones and just like how important it means to the show, the same goes to Feng Shui. It is considered the entry place, the mouth that feeds and takes in the positive energy needed for good vibes. It needs to always be in good condition, clean, beautifully pleasing and well lighted. This invites more energy to your house. Just imagine how gladly people will come in to a house with a pleasant looking door.

Take away the cupboard, key holder or coat hanger near your door as it can stagnant the energy trying to flow in. Instead, put some plants, flowers or a mirror, as it is believed to extend and expand the space in the area.

Repair It or Throw It Away

Malfunctioning appliances, broken fixtures or damaged furniture needs to be fixed, quick. Broken items in your house can invite and attract negative energy. It becomes the reflection of your state of being. Closely related to how decluttering is important, repairing items help you attract good fortune by helping positive energy flow freely and abundantly in your home.

It is also important to know that you need to make sure there is proper space in between your items and not keep them cramped together, or else you are going to disturb the flow. Throw away items in your pantry that pass their expiration date and keep your stock organized.

Place Something Organic

In order to attract positive energy into your home and let them linger for longer, you need to put something organic in your space like a fruit, plant, aquarium or flowers. These kinds of items attract positive life energy and boost positive aura in your house. Make sure not to let your fruits rot, and always change the flowers before they start to wither and properly maintain your tank.