beautiful-flat-bellyA bit of olive oil each day may help give you flat tummy. That’s what researchers are saying after testing two diets – one high in carbs and the other based on healthy fats from oliveĀ  oil. The fat diet keep bellies flatter. Its proven that olive oil helps in cuting heavy fats if taken in your diet properly.

Why belly fat is so bad?

Besides making you sad when you zip up your pants, excessive abdominal fat increases your risk for high blood sugar and many othe health problems. Bent, in a recent stufy of overweight people, a mediteranean style diet where 30-40% calories came from unsaturated fats, like those in olive oil seemed to help prevent tummy expanding over time. The fat focused diet helped people maintain better insulin sensitivity, too.

Weight loss arithmetic

Keep in mind that extra olive oil isn’t going to help you trim your middle . It could just help keep your pants from getting tighter. For serious waist whittling, you will need two must-do’s: a healthy diet and extra exercise.