A headache is not as simple as it sounds when it becomes as serve as a migraine. This severe headaches effects nearly three-quarters of entire population , especially youth. Of all visits to physicians and emergency rooms, a little over one percent is for headache.

Sufferers from  fear they have a brain tumor or hemorrhage. However, minor headaches can be just as intensely painful as those resulting from a malignant disease. Although tumor, hemorrhage and meningitis are only rare causes of chronic headache, the physician’s first concern is to rule out these possibilities. A physical exam, neurological evaluation and a variety of tests are used to detect any underlying causes, such as hypertension or fever and infection. Chronic headaches are seldom due to eye, sinus or dental problems, or to infections or allergies.

The cases of migraine and depression  now days is also increasing in people due to pressure of underemployment and lack of jobs. According to research migraines starts at adolescent and ends at menopause. Tension-type headache can happen at any time in a life cycle. As there are no clinical tests for diagnosing migraine and headaches of different types, any one remedy won’t work eventually. One has to give break to high-intensity pain – killers and adopt natural methods like meditation or yoga to stay fit and peaceful. Normal headaches can be avoided if one takes less stress and stays away from computer for at least 6 – 8 hours a day.

Migraine is on one side of the head and sometimes changes sides during the attack. For some people it precisely  it is in middle of head and the pain takes your life away  for a moment. Tension type headache can be on one or both sides of the head. Loss of appetite and vomiting occur most commonly with migraine and these are sometimes more incapacitating than headache itself. Neck stiffness or tenderness often occurs with other types of headache , redness or tearing of the eyes and nasal congestion on the side of the headache are the symptoms of cluster headache. Migraine sufferers may tend to have red, inflamed nasal passages, nosebleed eye infections.

Remedies of Migraine And Headaches:

  • – Drink at least 5-10 glasses of water everyday.
  • – Salads and fruits should be taken everyday, especially carrot.
  • – Rinse your head with cold water everyday.
  • – Almond oil should be put in nostrils every night before sleeping.
  • – Do not overwork on computers. Give yourself a rest of at least 1-2 hours.
  • –  In case of   slight headaches just switch off computer and give your eyes some rest and don’t strain for some time.
  • – A slight head massage will also provide you a slight relief.
  • – Avoid straining  yourself, keep yourself clam and away from stress as much as  possible.

Do you have migraine problem or you know someone who have migraine problem? Could you share your idea on how you are fighthing with migraine. I would love  your suggestion and ideas to enhance my spirits and act as an inspirstion for me.