hypertension_yogaIf we say that High Blood pressure is s gift of modernism, then it will not be exaggeration. In the fast paced life mental tension, anxiety, anger and other disorders affect our mind, heart, soul, sensibilty and sense organs too. Our heart governs the blood flow in our body, which works like a pumping station.

Blood goes to arteries and comes back to the heart from all parts of body. Heart again sends it back to the arteries. Blood pressure is the pressure of the pumping on the blood.

This way blood pressure is not a disease but normal activity. But due to some reason, this pressure increases or decreases then it is called high or low blood pressure respectively.

Today high blood pressure is an elite society’s disease. It is a silent killer which comes without warning

Causes Of High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure occur because of  two types of problems –

– Physical Causes

1. Narrowing of arterial lumen.

2. Increase in cholesterol level in the blood.

3. obesity

4. Heredity

5. Liver or Kidney problem.

6. Excess intake of non-vegetarian food and wine.

7. Too much spicy or oily food.

– Mental Causes

Heart beat increases in emotional people due  to anexity, anger and faer etc, it causes mental tension then a rise in blood pressure too. Materialistic living provokes tension even on every minor issues which gives us tension and anxiety and further results in High blood pressure.

Treatment Through Food Habits

– Pumpkin, amaranths, cabbage, coriander, wheat, rice, moong, coconut, ginger, cucumber, garlic, honey and butter milk are always beneficial.

– Avoid curd , non veg, banana, ice-cream, sweets, staple food, vinegar, pickle, salt , Jagger and tamarind.

– Regular walk, avoid too much physical labor, control on food and proper rest are essential.

– Keep your digestion good and avoid obesity.

– Avoid anxiety, anger, jealousy, sorrow and other negative mental feelings.

Yoga can be practiced to get relief from Blood pressure. Shawasana is the panacea for this. Other than this, following asannas pranayam and mudras are also useful for higgh blood pressure.

  • –  Shawasana
  • –  Yog nidra
  • –  Shashankasana.
  • – Padmasana
  • –  Pawan muktasana.
  • – Koormasana
  • –  Makarasana
  • – Sheetali pranayam
  • –  Dhyan

Shawasana Method

Shawasana or shivasana is very useful asana. Our body looks like a dead body in this asana hence this name.

Method- Lie on your back. Relax all muscles and organs . Relax each cell of the body. There should not be  any stiff muscle. Clam your mind, breathe very slowly. Breath should be clam and deep, body must be completely relaxed. Think that your whole body is going into a deep relaxation. Practice it at least for 10 min daily.

Benefits – It rejuvenates our body with energy, stiffness in muscles, mental restlessness and uneasiness is cured. It cures heart problems and high blood pressure. Heart, mind, body and lungs are relaxed. Mental tensions , anger , insomnia etc are cured. It is not an asana rather it is base for all sadhanas.

Precaution – Do not go into sleep while doing it, practice it slowly and not in hurry.

Sheetali Pranayam –

Life is not possible without oxygen. Sheetali pranayam calms yor mind and body.

Method – Sit in padmasana or shkhasana posture. Put your hands on knees. Try to concentrate your mind. Now role your tongue like a pipe, inhale deeply through it with a sound, close your eyes, hold your breathe and exhale. this is chakra. This should be practiced at least 10 times.

Benefits – It clams down our anger. It cures constipation, skin diseases and the problems related to liver.

Note – People suffering from cold should not do it. The patients suffering from asthma and tonsillitis should do it under proper supervision of an expert.

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